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Karousos at the General Assembly of EVEL: To shield the economy

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Karousos at the General Assembly of EVEL: To shield the economy

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The reform effort to modernize the economy should continue, said the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Giannis Karousos, noting that in the internationally competitive environment, the state and the private sector must further shield the Cypriot economy.

The Minister of Transport welcomed, on Monday night, the annual General Assembly of EBE Limassol, whose role he praised in strengthening the business and economic activity in Limassol and in Cyprus in general.

He stated that “in a highly competitive international environment, both the Cypriot companies and the Cypriot economy must be further modernized, through the extensive application of innovative ideas and modern technology.”

Building, modernizing and maintaining the competitiveness of a modern and robust economy, continued, requires, among other things, the implementation of pioneering ideas as well as the continuation and strengthening of the reform effort made, so that Cyprus continues to be ranked as a remarkable international service center.

“The reform effort aimed at modernizing the economy should continue,” said Giannis Karousos, adding that “we must continue to improve and modernize the services offered by Cyprus.”

Among other things, he continued, sailing to emerging and promising sectors of the economy, such as the Green Economy, and further utilizing both existing human resources and technology can offer comparative advantages. “It is in this context that the Anastasiadis Government promotes, among other things, the policy for the National Energy and Climate Plan”, he added.

“Realizing the important role that the Chambers of Commerce and Industry can play in our country, the Anastasiadis Government elaborates with special care any suggestions coming from the CCCI, before formulating any policy that affects the business environment and the economy in general.” , he added.

Our goal, he stressed, was and remains the continuous coordination and cooperation with all authorities, organizations and bodies, both public and private sector as we know very well that the policies implemented in one sector of the economy have a catalytic effect on other sectors. of the economy.

In his speech, the Minister of Transport referred to infrastructure projects in Limassol, which the Ministry is implementing, “further strengthening the effort to strengthen the commercial and industrial world”, such as the new Limassol stadium and its road network, the first phase of the road Limassol – Saitta, the improvement of the Germasogeia bypass and the road Akrountas – Dieronas etc.

He also reminded that within the framework of the Fund for Recovery and Durability, the promotion of the SVAK Limassol axis reconstruction project is planned with a budget of € 17,850,000, while in relation to the Limassol Archaeological Museum, Mr. Karousos said that, after problems In its upgrade plans, it was decided to build a new museum on the site, in collaboration with the local authorities.

He also referred to the installation of smart traffic lights at the roundabout of Agia Fyla “which result in a reduction of time by about 50%” and noted that the Ministry is proceeding, in the coming months, to announce offers for the installation of smart traffic lights at 125 points , in Nicosia and Limassol, which will help the traffic problem.

Concluding his greeting, the Minister of Transport underlined that, in an internationally competitive environment, “we are all called together to further shield the Cypriot economy in order to be able to withstand and compete effectively”, expressing his confidence that EVEL will continue to work for the good of the city and Cyprus and assured of the support of the Government and its Ministry.

The lack of manpower is a serious problem, said the President of the CCCI

The lack of manpower in Cyprus and the need for employment of people from third countries, underlined in his greeting the President of the CCCI Christodoulos Agastiniotis, while maintaining the opposition of the Chamber to conditions set by the trade union movement.

Mr. Agastiniotis said that the problem with labor shortages is not unrelated to the Minimum Guaranteed Income, as many refuse to work, having secured income from it and noted that it is “a distortion that must be eliminated.”

“The Government and especially the Minister of Labor is convinced that the lack of human resources in Cyprus today is huge and that is why we are intensely discussing these days the new Government policy for the employment license of foreigners from third countries”, he said and added that it is a big step to solve the problem.

At the same time, he pointed out that, while everyone agrees on the process by which this can be done easily and quickly, guilds “.

“We as CCCI, clearly, are not going to accept this case and can not, because today there is a shortage of manpower and we want to be given permits to bring staff from third countries, to force us, in return, to oblige all companies to be registered in the collective agreements “, he added.

In his speech, Mr. Agastiniotis also said that recently there is a tendency from the trade union movement for demands that companies can not withstand and called on the unions “to realize the seriousness of the situation and stop making demands that are outside place and time “.

He expressed the belief that, despite the effects of the pandemic, the broader picture of the economy will improve and companies will return to profitability, noting that the CCCI is optimistic for tomorrow.

For his part, the President of EVEL, Andreas Tsouloftas, expressed in his account, his satisfaction for the projects that are being done, however he stressed that Limassol expects more from the state, citing a graphic representation, according to which Limassol is penultimate pan-Cypriot, in terms of per capita development expenditure of the state.

The work of the 59th General Assembly of EVEL was completed with the awarding of honorary distinctions to the companies Muskita Aluminum Industries Ltd and Lounic Ltd, for the 50 years of their continuous presence as members of the Chamber.

Source: www.philenews.com

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