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KAS ASDYK appeal against the government for election bribery

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The Police Branch of the Independent Union of Civil Servants of Cyprus (KAS ASDYK) has decided to launch a class action against the decision of the Ministry of Finance regarding the remuneration of the members of the Police who will compulsorily work on election day.

In a new announcement on Thursday on the subject, he states that he is in communication with the Police Headquarters and is able to know that the Chief of Police and the Minister of Justice have made representations to the Minister of Finance raising the issue of reviewing the remuneration, however he adds that &laquo ?decided to launch a class action against the decision of the Ministry of Finance, claiming an end to this wrong practice that offends the members of the Police».

The Branch expresses the hope that the relevant Ministry will quickly examine the issue and that the request will be satisfied. Par' all this, he adds, KAS ASDYK "is obliged to proceed with taking legal measures by denouncing the Ministry of Finance, for its unacceptable decision, to calculate at the lowest level the amount of remuneration of the members of the Police, who will work in the elections" .

He also mentions that "KAS ASDYK criticizes the Ministry of Finance for its decision that the remuneration is based on the salary scale A3, instead of the scale on which each member is placed», reiterating that the decision  of the Ministry of Finance, is unilateral, there was no prior consultation with the organized bodies of the members of the Police and it lacks documentation.

«It does not mean Police employees with more than 15 years of service, who are placed in the A7 scales , A8, A9 to receive remuneration  which is equivalent to the scale of a new student entering the Police Academy,'' he says. He adds that «the  Governors  compel members of the Police to work for 20+ hours, but skimp on paying low-wage workers decently”.

He also states that it is necessary for all Police officers to contribute to the cost of the legal measures so that the cost of appeal should be as low as possible.

Source: KYPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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