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Kasoulidis made commitments

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Kasoulidis made commitments

Michalis Ignatiou

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulidis, when he wants… can… And he proved it during his visit to Washington where he came at the invitation of his American counterpart, Anthony Blinken.

Of course, as we expected, he expressed and promoted the positions of the President of the Republic, as he said during his assumption of office, these are the positions of Cyprus.

After his departure from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kasoulidis had become involved with the group of “ex”, who when they lose their government posts suddenly see the light of day! And he had expressed some positions on the Cyprus issue on the occasion of the Crans Montana fiasco, which I am sure he has regretted…

Coming to Washington, he knew that they were waiting for him with open arms because of those positions. However, with what he said and supported, he would disappoint the bureaucrats – “lovers” of Turkey. Because his analysis and the presentation of his positions in general was an accusation against the occupying power and the occupying regime.


Deepening of the cooperation between Cyprus – USA Kasoulidis in the USA for contacts and talks with Blinken Kasoulidis meeting with Nancy Pelosi USA: Commitment for deepening the cooperation with KD

Starting from the bilateral relations, Mr. Kasoulidis continued to build on the building left to him by Nikos Christodoulidis. As the former minister had continued to build on the foundations left to him by the current minister, in 2018.

To reach the upgrade of bilateral relations, which also proves the role of the Republic of Cyprus as a strategic partner of the United States in the Eastern Mediterranean. Mr. Kasoulidis insisted on this point. In essence, he was telling his interlocutors that Cyprus should not be a strategic partner when it serves the interests of the superpower. But it must, and can, be forever. The Foreign Minister stressed that great progress has been made in bilateral relations and that this will continue under his ministry.

From there, there were discussions at a strategic level, but also for the solution of the Cyprus problem, which Turkey has abandoned, because this has always been aimed at: The unacceptable solution of the two states, which can not be accepted by any Cypriot leader, although there is a -two corrupt politicians ready to offer the island to the sphere of influence of Turkey, if ever elected president. And that is why young and clean people need to be supported.

During the visit of Mr. Kasoulidis, the issue of the tripartite plus one was promoted, which mainly concerns energy security and security in general in the eastern Mediterranean. After the election of the Biden government, the well-known bureaucrats tried to “kill” Israel's tripartite with Greece, Cyprus and with the participation of the United States.

They tried to downgrade it to a very low level. Meetings on this issue were held in Washington, which caused great concern in Athens and Nicosia. It seems that some of the bureaucrats present positions to the Greek and Cypriot diplomats, which are problematic.

Under Mike Pompeo's ministry, leaps were made in Washington's relations with Athens and Nicosia. The American diplomats in the two capitals helped a lot. In particular, Jeffrey Payat raised the bar very high. Most importantly, we have seen a frightening decline in anti-Americanism, due to Mr. Payat's activity and the SYRIZA government's attitude towards the Donald Trump administration.

In the last year, the attitude of the Biden government has angered many in Greece and many more in the Greek Diaspora.

It is good news that the Cypriot minister left Washington with the promise that Mr. Blinken will take the same part in the next meeting at the level of foreign ministers, which Mr. Kasoulidis hopes will take place in Cyprus. And we hope that the American minister does not change his mind so that π Tayyip Erdogan, this great ally (!!!) of the superpower America, is not upset.

Unfortunately, Americans do not know who their true friends are and who their enemies are. Analyzing their attitude towards Greece and Cyprus, and the continuous support in Turkey, one easily comes to the well-known conclusion: What happens to them is caused by them…

An example is the EastMed pipeline: Bureaucrats rushed to embrace a proposal by Amos Hokstein, who worked for a corrupt Ukrainian company when he was out of government. And why should Israel, say, accept what this gentleman says about the pipeline? Will he pay him? The truth is that a pipeline in the Eastern Mediterranean does not, at all, serve the interests of Ukraine and Russia. And everyone understands…

Mr. Kasoulidis raised the issue and asked for explanations, which he received. They were satisfactory. America has never offered to invest in EastMed. But he strongly supported the project. For Mr. Hokstein to come and derail it…

HYSTEROGRAPH I: The Ambassador of Cyprus to Washington, Marios Lysiotis, and his associates prepared an excellent program of meetings for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Thanks to their efforts, the visit was upgraded and gave Mr. Kasoulides the opportunity to meet with important figures in American politics, including his counterpart Anthony Blinken, Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the chairman of the International Relations Committee. , Robert Menendez.

HYSTEROGRAPH II: The decision of the Supreme Court of Cyprus in the case of the young British woman, who was sentenced to “public harm”, is as impressive as it is. Let me remind you that he was accused of “false accusation” when he stated that he was raped by twelve Israelis in Ayia Napa in the summer of 2019. The Supreme Court recognized that there was no fair trial. The decision saved the honor of Cyprus. From the beginning, the case was coming from everywhere. It seems that members of the Cypriot police forced the young British woman to “admit” that she lied and that she was not a victim of rape. The sentence turned out to be unreliable. From now on, those who got involved in the case and conspired against the young girl must pay. Otherwise the decision of the Supreme Court will have no value. And let us not forget this: Rape is rape. And this mentality that “the girl wanted and suffered” or “what was going on with 12 Israelis” and the like is unacceptable and condemnable. In Cyprus, unfortunately, society is still “male dominated” and we still meet people who believe that the position of women is in the kitchen! But what to expect when the former “First Lady”, Mrs. Androula Vassileiou, tried the 24-year-old from Thessaloniki.

Source: www.philenews.com

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