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Kaspersky: 11% of teleworkers prefer to be naked

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Kaspersky: 11% of teleworkers prefer to be naked

People who work from home during the pandemic have discovered some guilty pleasures that they would like to maintain in the future, according to a new global survey by Kaspersky, which studied the behaviors of 8,000 employees in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Speaking of the opportunities that opened up working from home, 1 in 10 respondents (11%) said they enjoyed working naked. Other innovations that employees prefer include enjoying opportunities for a nap (36%), binge-watching series on Netflix (23%) and working out in the garden or on the balcony (27%).

As our work environment during the global pandemic shifted from secure offices to kitchen tables, we encountered many difficulties balancing work and privacy.

According to the World Economic Forum, teleworkers faced mental health and well-being challenges this year, such as childcare pressures and digital connectivity. Nevertheless, some office workers who adopted teleworking enjoyed this experience and discovered some guilty pleasures that they now want to maintain.

In addition to working naked, which is far from the mainstream, the majority of respondents simply benefited from working in comfortable clothes: 48% were accustomed to this lifestyle and would like to make it a rule in the future.

The fact that they said goodbye to the big commutes also made the employees happier as they could wake up five minutes before work started, while many also enjoyed a nap during the day (36%).

Continuing to discover the benefits of the new normal, 27% of people enjoy working out in the garden or on the balcony, and 23% even manage to watch Netflix at work. Other pleasures employees enjoy include more time for video games (18%), packed lunches (16%) and fewer showers (8%).

However, this change also leads to an increased level of responsibility for digital security. Having reliable security solutions on our devices will be vital to protecting our privacy as we enjoy this new way of life.

Source: www.newsbomb.com.cy

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