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Kassianidou praised the importance of cultural heritage at the inauguration of the Paphos Gate project

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Highlighting the cultural heritage of Nicosia is of key importance for the promotion and preservation of the historical value of the capital, said the Deputy Minister of Culture, Dr. Vasiliki Kassianidou, in her greeting at the opening of the project to shape the archaeological site of the Paphos Gate, in the context of International Day of Monuments and Places 2024.

As he said, through the archaeological excavations of the Department of Antiquities, in the area of ​​the Paphos Gate, the timeless importance of the Gate as one of the main access points to the walled city of Nicosia from the Venetian period until the Anglo-colonial period.

At the same time, he noted that the excavations also highlighted the role of the area, during the Ottoman period, with the identification of the foundation of the Arab Ahmet aqueduct, thus completing yet another mosaic in the history of the area.

Due to the importance of the findings, the Department of Antiquities, in collaboration with the Cyprus Institute, conducted an architectural study to highlight the site as an experiential museum of the city's history, said the Deputy Minister, noting that the connection of the urban landscape with the cultural elements of the region is not it was an easy task for the creators of the project, but they managed to achieve "a very successful result".

“Paphos Gate is today, not only for visitors but also for locals, a point of reference and a favorite historical symbol of the core of the city, making its emergence multifaceted with historical and cultural significance”, he pointed out, adding that its history Nicosia is reflected in its monuments, for this reason the maintenance and promotion of places such as the Venetian Walls is important for maintaining the cultural identity of the capital.

"As Deputy Ministry Culture, like me personally, recognize the urgent need to protect, preserve and highlight our heritage, strengthening the efforts of the Department of Antiquities to carry out projects that contribute to the promotion of such monuments, important for the archeology and history of our country”, he said .

Dr. Kassianidou said that this project is a proof that the synergies between the local agencies, the competent departments and the research institutions of Cyprus lead to the best possible result for the preservation and promotion of the monuments. "Scientific knowledge, training and mutual cooperation have as their sole recipient the cultural heritage of our country. The preservation of our cultural heritage is a collective responsibility and a long-term struggle that concerns all of us”, he noted.

He underlined that Nicosia can preserve and share the wealth of its cultural heritage with the residents and visitors of the city, who can now admire the upgraded image of the Paphos Gate area with a tour. “By preserving these structures, the city keeps alive its connection with the past and strengthens its character for the future,” he concluded.

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