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“Kathimerini” of Cyprus officially announced the departure of Andreas Paraschos – Read the announcement

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The newspaper “I KATHIMERINI KYPROU” with its announcement late in the afternoon officially announced that it accepted the resignation of its director Andreas Paraschou, clarifying, according to the announcement of the newspaper, some allegations of Mr. Paraschos that do not correspond to reality.

The announcement as it is:

Resignation of Mr. Andreas Paraschos from the position of the director of the newspaper “I KATHIMERINI KYPROU”

“Kathimerini” of Cyprus announces with particular sadness that it has accepted the resignation of its former director Andrea Paraschou.

Because in his resignation letter, which Mr. Paraschos made public, he lists some allegations that do not correspond to reality, we would like to clarify the following:

1. In the publication of the newspaper dated January 10, 2021, its director, in his column in the last paragraph, states: “The PD confessed in one night in Athens that he left in his office 300 million per year, which he took to the Seychelles”.

  1. When after the publication both the publisher and the legal advisor of the newspaper asked Mr. Paraschos if he had evidence for these serious accusations against the PD, his answer was that he had no evidence but “someone told him”.
  1. Based on Mr. Paraschos' answer, the legal department and the entire ownership of the newspaper stated that such serious accusations, for anyone, let alone for the PD, are not ethically correct to be transferred to KATHIMERINI without documentation. This leaves both the newspaper and him exposed, legally, ethically and ethically. He was also told in writing that if he had sufficient information for such a complaint, the newspaper and its management would fully support him in publishing them.
  1. The next day, the publisher of the newspaper, following the advice of its legal advisers, sent a letter to the President of the Republic stating that it was wrong for us to publish accusations without any evidence and sufficient documentation.
  1. With the consent and endorsement of Mr. Paraschos, a written explanation on the subject was prepared by the legal department of the newspaper in its electronic version. The consent of Mr. Paraschos is in writing.
  1. It is a legal, ethical and ethical obligation of the newspaper to clarify and correct any mistakes of its executives. He has done it repeatedly in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We have not received any intervention from third parties in this direction.
  1. In our twelve years of cooperation with Mr. Paraschos, he knows very well that the newspaper does not accept any suggestions or interventions from anyone.

“Kathimerini” has as its primary value the service of the truth for the good of the place, it has made revelations and criticism for the respective rulers. After all, this criticism is evident in its latest version. BUT, in a world of fake news machines, we are obliged to have evidence in our newspaper when we reveal scandals and not just allegations of hearing.

This was the mistake of Mr. Paraschos, who has accepted it.

Mr. Andreas Paraschos was for years the director of “Kathimerini” Cyprus. The latest incident does not delete its course in our newspaper.

We wish him all the best for the future.

Andreas Paraschos, director of “Kathimerini” Cyprus, submitted his resignation

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Source: politis.com.cy

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