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Ketspaia: The championship, the absence of the organized and the condition of the stadiums

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Ketspaia: The championship, the absence of the organized and the condition of the stadiums

Timur Ketspaia was optimistic that his team can reach the conquest of the championship in the show “ANOla stin fora”.

The coach of “Kyria” commented on the presence of the people, the course of the blue and whites in Europe and Cyprus, while he referred to the problem that he has pointed out several times, and it is none other than the condition of the Cypriot stadiums.

In detail everything that will be said:

His first comment: “It is good for people to have a show that will learn all the news of the team. There is not much information. Each time people will learn what is going on around the team because people are interested. It's good that it has been done. “

For the victory over APOEL: “Every victory is important, especially if you play with teams like APOEL. This year's championship, as it unfolds, will be very difficult. Who would have imagined that APOEL would have four defeats? The same can be said for us. Congratulations to my players. It was not easy, we came from abroad, we played a difficult game in Ghent. “They showed that it is not a problem to play twice a week.”

To manage fatigue: “We did well. We came back on Friday and played Sunday. We did not even recover. It also depends on the players, what life they lead. If you are a professional, you can handle it. Artymatas also plays with Ethniki and is our best player. He does what he has to do. He prepares his body and every game “.

For Artymatas: “I am happy for him. He was not given the opportunity to play. He is a real leader with his competitive behavior on and off the field. It works, nothing is accidental. It gets better every day. May it continue so that it offers more joys “.

For the contract of Artymatas that is being completed but also for several others: “Unfortunately, we learned to arrive at the last minute. I'm not saying this for bad, that's just how we unfortunately learned. This year we have several players whose contracts expire. I would like everyone to sign from now on, so that they know that their work is appreciated. I hope we will not have issues “.

Regarding the tension in the derby: “There is always passion. Such a game always matters. Fortunately we won it. It was not easy, we had to reverse it. But we have a road ahead of us. The team did not prepare well due to coronavirus. And now we have problems and I hope we can overcome them. We have a very good team and we can claim the championship “.

For the presence of Anorthosis in Europe after 13 years: “It is definitely a great success that we had in the groups. The teams we played were not easy. A team like Anorthosis needs these games. The financial support is great. Helps the team to function smoothly. But it is also prestige. 13 years is a long time. As a team, it is important that people in Europe know about it. Now so many people have come to Belgium. They were speechless there, they did not expect it. They sent their own message for our place and it is very good. I hope we continue in Europe every year. We are a great team, it has people… When I said we would go for a title, it is because of the people. People played with APOEL. The only bad thing about Europe is that we do not play at home and we play in the GSP. May we play every year and let it be in any stadium. It would play a role with Ghent if we were in Antonis Papadopoulos. We somewhat underestimated Partizan and other teams. We have the games with Flora Tallinn and we hope to get some points. Of course we have hopes. In the next one with Flora we will give everything to get the victory. It is the money, the points for Cyprus… It is a lot. We are seriously waiting for the next game “.

For the world of Anorthosis: “A great team, without people is not possible. The team is big and very crowded. It is a pity that some children do not come, I will not enter the process for the reasons… It is not my decision whether they will return, it is other people's. There is a cons that does not help. European is nice for the world. He sees the stadiums abroad and then ours… The level 30 years ago was similar. It does not represent us as a country and as Cypriot football to play in these miserable stadiums… Apart from 2-3 the others are… I am often asked about Europe. It is not easy to play in Europe and then in the stadiums of Cyprus. “They do not help the players to play ball.”

Regarding the stadiums, he added: “When I was playing, they would take me to the stadium and then to the training center to see them. Here, where to get them? We know how important it is to have a good stadium and playing field. “Many times it is very important.”

On his relationship with the world: “I have been in this team for 30 years. Our relationship begins many years ago. I offered as a player and I try to offer as a coach. I hope it looks like the team is moving forward. We claimed two titles, they stopped the championship, last year we won the cup… This year we want the championship. It is a mutual appreciation with the people. There are times when they make me sad and they make me sad. But we are working to move forward. The adjective that characterizes them are fighters. “The stadium needs improvement, at least to play in Europe.”

For this year's championship: “It is very difficult. Teams that we said would go to the second category, are first. We lost two games from the so-called teams of the second six. It is unpredictable. These are not games that you say we will definitely win. It is very difficult. “If you do not give what you can, you will not win.”

On whether he was justified with the Warda-Christodoulopoulos-Laferti selections: “We will say this at the end of the season. It is not to say that we bore names. They helped the team yes, but in the end we will say if a good job was done, if they helped etc.

Regarding the atmosphere in the locker rooms: “It is pleasant. Both Lafferty and Warda give a pleasant note to the locker rooms. It is very important to have a climate in the team. Our job as a coach is difficult. We have to manage 27 players. We do not have players we prefer or love the most. They are all equal. What they show in training and games ούμε We always try to put the best “.

For the negative comments he hears: “Nobody likes that. I have stopped listening to radio, TV. Nothing. I try to listen to my work. Whatever one could do, I have done for the good of football. “Some people appreciate it, some people say bad things. What can I do?”

For his next goal: “The championship. We have a good team to take it “.

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