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Kikis Kazamias: “Andreas Mavrogiannis never supported Anastasiadis' handling of the Cyprus issue” (audio)

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Andreas Mavrogiannis never came out to support the actions of President Anastasiadis on the Cyprus issue, he stated on the show “Morning Inspection” of Politis 107.6 and 97.6 , the former AKEL MP and minister, Kikis Kazamias, recalling previous public statements of the former negotiator for loss of credibility of the e/k side.

Achilleas Dimitriadis

Asked to answer what the independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Achilleas Dimitriadis, did not have in order not to be the choice of the Central Committee of AKEL, Mr. Kazamias stated that “in the final reflection of the AKEL leadership, two names prevailed and one of them is that of Achilleas Dimitriadis, which shows that he could have been the choice of the party and therefore it is not a matter of what he did not have but what is it that makes Mr. Mavrogiannis's candidacy even stronger “.

< p>Asked if this concerned the criterion of eligibility and if this decision sacrifices the party's positions in the Cyprus issue, Mr. Kazamias replied that “AKEL has not sacrificed any of its priorities. If you look at the first announcement of the Central Committee after the relevant decision, you will notice that reference is made to the fact that Mr. Mavrogiannis is a profound expert on the Cyprus issue, who is unwaveringly committed to the need to solve the problem and soon, on the basis of Bi-zonal Bicommunal Federation “.

” All questions will be answered “

Mr. Kikis Kazamias said that it is not an issue that Mr. Dimitriadis is closer to the positions of AKEL. “I judge,” he added, “that the disadvantage that currently exists in the argumentation regarding the Cyprus issue or any other issue that should be included, not only in the declaration but also in the detailed program of the candidates, is the weakness, in based on the ethics of Mr. Andreas Mavrogiannis, to answer all these questions convincingly, reminding that his presence as a negotiator ends on the 15th of the month. So I judge that from the 16th of the month all these questions will not have to be answered on behalf of Mr. Mavrogiannis by his representatives but by himself. And I believe, having the same opinion about the individual and his positions, that his approaches to the Cyprus issue do not touch in any way those of the party “.

” The essence is different and the handling of the Cyprus issue is different ”

Asked to answer why Mr. Mavrogiannis defended the handling of President Anastasiadis on the Cyprus issue in various public statements, Mr. Kazamias said that “knowing his ethos, Mr. Mavrogiannis will never share responsibilities on our negotiating side against the discussion of the issues of the Cyprus issue in matters of substance “. Kikis Kazamias then claimed that “Mr. Mavrogiannis never came out to support Anastasiadis's actions in the Cyprus issue. The essence is different and the manipulations are different. I want to remind you that AKEL and the then secretary general of Andros Kyprianou's party, with political and personal costs, was next to Mr. Anastasiadis until the last moment “.

” It is known “, said Mr. Kazamias,” that Mr. Mavrogiannis as a state official “he said diplomatically in his public statements that our side has lost its credibility.”

Mr. Kazamias also stated that “Mr. Mavrogiannis submitted proposals to the President of the Republic which were accepted and then with the intervention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulidis in cooperation with the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Kotzias who were also present. who considered Mr. Mavrogiannis's proposals treacherous, persuaded Mr. Anastasiadis to put them aside. All this has been published and has not been refuted. “

Then Mr. Kazamias said that” from next Monday the public will have the opportunity to listen to Andreas Mavrogiannis in dialogues with his rivals but and with all those who have reasonable questions. “

The & # 8220; bleeding & # 8221; of AKEL

Regarding the discomfort that exists in AKEL and the outflow of voters, Mr. Kazamias said that Mr. Mavrogiannis will not stop this. “AKEL's bleeding must be stopped by the party leadership itself and the election of Andreas Mavrogiannis is a tool that will help in this direction, convincing that this election is a means to stop the bleeding that exists in Cyprus and other issues concerning the future of this place “.

Listen to everything that the former AKEL MP, Kikis Kazamias said in the” Morning Inspection “of Politis 107.6 and 97.6:

Source: politis.com.cy

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