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Kition Ocean Holdings welcomes the lifting of strikes by the All Cyprus Coastal Vessels Union

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&Eta Kition; Ocean Holdings χαιρετΙζει την Αρση των κινητο ποιorσεων απo την Παγκyπρια Eνωση &Alpha ;κτοπλοyκoν Σκαφoν


We welcome the lifting of the protests at the port of Larnaca

  • We immediately proceeded to create a corridor that will facilitate the customers of the cruise ships.
  • < strong>Thanks to the Minister of Transport Alexis Vafiadis, the Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Vyra and the G.D. of the Minister of Transport Giannis Nikolaidis.

The company Kition Ocean Holdings welcomes the lifting of the mobilizations by the Pan-Cyprus Union of Coastal Vessels and warmly thanks the Minister of Transport Alexis Vafiadis, the DG of the Ministry Yiannis Nikolaidis and the Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Vyra, for their interventions to end any inconvenience and avoid burden of the economy.

We express our will to remain in continuous constructive dialogue with all parties involved in order to resolve any problems that arise.

As a sign of good will, Kition

strong> Ocean Holdings proceeded immediately:

  1. In the creation of a walkway near the wooden dock, where cruise ships and their customers can pass safely and to ensure continuous passenger access to the cruise ships during the three phases of the construction period. (photo attached)
  2. The postponement for three months of the increase in berthing fees for boats at Marina L/kas.
  3. The provision of space at the entrance of the Marina for free placement of signs with advertisements of tourist boats.
  4. In mediation with the Mayor Andreas Vyra, to move the coasters' kiosks to a prominent position on Athens Avenue, so that they can promote their product and attract customers. The Mayor's response was positive for consultation with the coastguards.

The above does not differ from what was discussed and agreed upon in the last meeting with the Pan-Cypriot Union of Seafarers and was repeated yesterday during the mediation of the DG of Transport Minister Yiannis Nicolaidis, whose intervention eased the tension and ended the closure of the port, a move that which could have been avoided.

We reiterate our position on the danger of the dock, which has been turned into a construction site, which is why the upgrade will be carried out in stages, respecting all safety rules. Our appeal is that the use of the runway is strictly without deviations.

We consider the coastal shipping companies as key partners and no one wishes or seeks their removal from the Larnaca Marina. We apologize for any inconvenience which is justified in the context of the construction of one of the largest developments in Cyprus.

Our company will continue to inform those affected and the citizens about the progress of the works by phases and will announce promptly any changes that arise. Our effort is focused on continuing the completion of the ambitious project that will have multiple benefits for the city of Larnaca and for our country.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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