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Knot for Hezbollah threats: Cyprus will not be part of the crisis in the Middle East

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Κoμπος για απει λεμοχρενεν&iota μοσκσηΑαο

Cyprus “has not been and will not be part of the crisis”, emphasized the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Kombos, in the context of the discussion on the crisis in the Middle East< /strong> at the EU Foreign Affairs Council held on Monday in Luxembourg, referringindirectly to Nasrallah's statements, without naming the leader of Hezbollah.

According to a related statement  from the GTP, Mr. Kobos emphasized that “any inflammatory statements aimed at further escalation and destabilization in the region are reprehensible”  and that “Cyprus has not been and will not be part of the crisis”.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs underlined even that the spread of the crisis in the region and especially in Lebanon should be avoided and expressed Cyprus's full support for the intensive  diplomatic efforts of the USA and France.

Generally in relation to the situation in the Middle East, Mr. Kombos emphasized that Cyprus supports the implementation of the US President's proposal, Joe Biden, and in particular the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2735, calling on all parties to work to create the conditions that will lead to the start of a peace process.

The agenda of the Foreign Affairs Council it included, according to the statement, in addition to the situation in the Middle East and the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, relations with the Western Balkans, the situation in Georgia and the situation in the Great Lakes geographic region in Africa.

During the debate on Ukraine, the Foreign Minister underlined that the EU should take all the necessary decisions, so that EU support continues for as long as needed in a robust and predictable manner, while reiterating support for Ukraine.

Mr. Kombos welcomed the approval of the 14th package of sanctions against Russia by the Council Foreign Affairs, underlining that the framework for dealing with sanctions evasion should be significantly strengthened. p>

In relation to the Western Balkans, the Ministers discussed with their counterparts from the region in light of the growing geopolitical competition and the challenges they face.

Mr. Kombos expressed strong commitment and support of Cyprus in the accession path of the Western Balkan partners and encouraged their full alignment with the objectives and decisions of the EU in the framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

In the context of the discussion for Georgia, the Foreign Ministers underlined the need to respect EU democracy, values ​​and principles as an integral part of its European path.

Finally in relation to the situation in the Great Lakes, the The Foreign Ministers stressed the need for effective implementation of the EU Strategy for the region and underlined the support for the Luanda and Nairobi peace processes, the success of which is key to achieving regional peace.

Source: www.philenews.com

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