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KOA, Municipality of Limassol and TEPAK inaugurated the renovated GSO stadiums

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ΚΟΑ, Δorμοσ Λεμ εσοy και ΤΕΠΑΚ εγκαινΙασαν τα α&nu ;ακαινισμeνα γorπεδα του ΓΣΟ

As another historic day for sports in Limassol, today's President of KOA, Mayor of Limassol and Rector of TEPAK, inaugurated the first phase of the renovation of the Phytideion sports center GSO, with the reopening of its outdoor sports areas and the square.

The ceremony was held in the presence of legends of Cypriot football and classical sports, with veteran footballers Panikos Krystallis, Pabo (Pambouli) Papadopoulos and Lakis Papavasiliou making the first cross for the veteran futsal match that followed. , wearing jerseys with the words “GSO restart”.

“We have been waiting for this day for several years and it is a blessed day”, said in his greeting the President of the KOM, Andreas Michailidis, who congratulated all those who contributed “to the restart of the GSO”. This day could not be more enriched than with the legends of Limassol sports who are with us, he added.

“KOA as  the owner of the site actively contributed together with the Municipality of Limassol and TEPAK to the upgrading of the old Phytideion Sports Center GSO, we secured a respectable amount from the Government to build it and other funds will be included for this purpose”, added, while calling on everyone to continue the effort to preserve the space and use it properly.

The Mayor of Limassol, Nikos Nikolaidis, expressed his joy and emotion, for his part, since as he said, ” after many years of silence and abandonment, the GSO is coming back to life and this historical place, filled with the best sports memories for the people of Limassol, is coming back into our lives and becoming part of our everyday life again, as it has been for decades”.

< p>Mr. Nikolaidis recalled that three years ago, on December 2, 2019, an agreement was signed between KOA, the Municipality of Limassol and TEPAK, by which KOA, as the owner of the GSO sports center, granted the right of use to the Municipality and TEPAK. This agreement, he continued, was endowed by the Government with the amount of 1.5 million euros and the Municipality of Limassol and TEPAK undertook the co-management of the space.

In particular, he added, TEPAK will manage the sports infrastructure for use by its students as well as by the citizens of Limassol, while the Municipality of Limassol undertakes the management of all other spaces, including the new GSO sports museum.

“Today we are inaugurating the first phase of the GSO upgrade projects, i.e. the outdoor sports fields and the square and from today, the three football, basketball and tennis courts will be open every day for students and citizens of our city to play sports” , completed.

Today, the Mayor of Limassol emphasized, a new era begins for the GSO sports center but also for the relationship of the Municipality of Limassol with TEPAK, “a relationship based on the coupling of university sports with social sports”.

He also mentioned that in a few weeks the tenders for the TEPAK gymnasium buildings and the GSO sports history museum will be announced, while the tenders for the restaurant located on the bridge will follow.

Specifically and referring to the sports museum, he said that “the sports community of Limassol could not not have a museum that records the glorious history of the stadium that bears the name of its sports club, GSO, the second oldest club in Hellenism”.< /p>

The purpose of the creation of the museum, he continued, “is the understanding of the value of classical sports and football by the general public, through the collection, preservation, recording and documentation of the history of sports, as well as the promotion of sports to people of all ages”.

Finally, he thanked the sports legends who attended the event and who, as he noted, “wrote the sports history of Limassol and this museum is the least that will your city could do in your honor, for all that you have offered and still offer from various ramparts”.

The veteran futsal match was preceded by a 5×5 futsal tournament, a 3×3 basketball tournament, t tennis tournament and student bench press competition.  

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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