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Kobos throws the ball for a meeting of PtD-Tatar-UNO in the midst of Holgin's movements

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Ο Κoμπος ρiχνει μ παλα για συναντηση ΠτΔ-Ταταρ-ΓΓ &Omicron ΗΕ εν μeσω κινorσεων Ολγκiν

The UN Secretary-General's envoy will tour European capitals before her next trip to Cyprus, in May. However, the steps taken by Maria Ángela Holguin Queyar seem to be in vain, as Nicosia does not see any movement from the Turkish side so that there can be some hope even for a social meeting between the two leaders. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Kombos, declared that President Christodoulidis is ready for a meeting with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Turkish Cypriot leader “even today”.

Speaking during the presentation of the work carried out at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the first year of government, Constantinos Kombos also referred to the Cyprus issue and what can be expected from Mrs. Holgin's new trip. The Secretary General's envoy, before arriving in Nicosia, will travel to Berlin, while Brussels is also on her schedule.

The Foreign Minister stated that it is expected that Mrs. Holgin will return to Cyprus to hear “how we will proceed.” below within the framework set by the Security Council”. He pointed out that “we remain  fully committed to our will to proceed to meaningful negotiations”, adding that “unfortunately we are hearing rhetoric from the other side that is not at all constructive, encouraging”.

“Nevertheless, our side will exhaust all the possibilities it has, always within the framework that international legality sets and demands,” he said. I don't assume or imagine, he continued, that there is anyone who would encourage our side to enter into a process that would solve the Cyprus issue in advance. on the basis of sovereign equality or equal terms. “This would confirm the conclusion before we even start and it would be disastrous for the place and for all Cypriots”.

Responding to the possibility of an invitation from the Secretary-General of the United Nations for a joint meeting with the two leaders, the Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed the readiness of the PTO to attend such a meeting, noting however that it is the Turkish side that sets terms and conditions even for a social meeting of the two leaders. “We have nothing to hide, on the contrary we wish to find a way to proceed to a meaningful negotiation. And the way to get there is by talking.”

In the first account of the Ministry's actions in the one year since the assumption of the Christodoulidis Government, Constantinos Kombos emphasized that the main objective is the solution of a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation with political equality, as specified in the UN resolutions. He stated, however, that “the logic of deadlock removal cannot be the logic of the middle line. This is a dangerous and sketchy line because it quite simply ignores the starting points.”

If one starts within the legality of the UN Security Council, he said, and the other completely outside, then the middle line is within the framework of illegality. He would like, he continued, to understand what is this middle line that some people are asking for and we “have not identified or understood what they are asking us for. The reference to prior refusal due to ignorance of what is being proposed is at least pretentious and naive. Because we know very well where we start from and where the other side comes from”.

The compass K.D. points to the West

The compass of the Republic of Cyprus revolves around the three comparative advantages which are the geographical position of Cyprus, its participation as a member state in the EU and the excellent relations with the states of the region, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Kombos at the press conference to review his one year in office.

Konstantinos Kombos referred to 12 objectives of the foreign policy which are: the protection at all costs of the Republic of Korea, the creation of favorable conditions for the  reunification of our country “which is our highest task”, the full utilization of the status of a full member state of the EU, the successful organization of the EU Presidency in 2026,  the adherence to our western orientation and the consolidation of the relationship with the USA.

Also included is the steady deepening of the already excellent relations with states of the region, the expansion and adaptation of regional multilateralism through the tripartite schemes and of the strengthened tripartites, the gradual increase in trade relations with the countries where we have a diplomatic presence, the strategic upgrading of relations with the UK, the transformation of relations with the Cypriot diaspora, the strengthening of our credibility by adhering to positions of principle, international legitimacy and based on the image of Cyprus, the assurance of the cordial relationship with Greece, the constant extroversion and diplomatic mobility and the quality consular assistance to Cypriot citizens abroad.

Source: www.philenews.com

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