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Kolokasidis: DISY-AKEL preserve the myth of the Turkish Cypriot leadership

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Kolokasidis: DISY-AKEL preserve the myth of the Turkish Cypriot leadership


“Those who have been misrepresented as elections in the occupied territories have come and gone. This miscarriage of democracy is certainly anything but democratic. It is a joke that reflects Ankara's policy. “In his announcement, the candidate for the Presidential Elections, George Kolokasidis, states in his announcement.

“These all with nothing certainly do not have to do with the will of the Turkish Cypriots. The last but the process has highlighted and increased dislike of Turkish Cypriots to the regime. The abstention was soaring. Instead it highlighted spent in the small. Because the largest party forces “They want to preserve the myth of the elected Turkish Cypriot leadership with which we can find them, despite the Turkish occupation! They like to forget that the occupation conditions dictate who is elected and what he will say,” he added.

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“But this becomes even sadder when one considers that the leaderships of DISY and AKEL end up insulting healthy Turkish Cypriot forces who directly question the occupation and recall its bloodthirsty origins. Such behavior by the forces of compromise happened. “The persistent search for a solution is legitimate, of course. And right. But not through the distortion and victimization of freedom fighters.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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