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Kolokasidis: Open call to rivals for dialogue

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The Staff of George Kolokasidis invites all the candidates for the presidency of the Republic for the joint organization of discussions, in order for them to be made in front of the people, to be covered by the media and to be interested in its critical issues Cypriot life.

In a statement, the Staff of George Kolokasidis expresses the belief that all candidates agree that citizens have every democratic right to hear the candidates for the presidency of the Republic expose and defend their positions before each other on all important issues of concern to society. It is also the obligation of the candidates, it is noted, to be exposed in dialogue so that the citizen who stands each one can distinguish. Dialogue is the A and O of any democratic process.

The Staff of George Kolokasidis announces that it will proceed with contacts with the staffs of all other candidates in order to reach reasonable rules for conducting these discussions at the grassroots of parity between all candidates.

Source: www.philenews.com

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