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Kombos: The decision of the Legal Service for Cursat does not affect future operations

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Κoμπος: Δεν επη&rho ;εαζει μελλοντικοΙς χειρισμοΙς &eta ; απόφαση Νομικorς ΥπηρεσΙας για Κ&iota ;ουρσατ

Yesterday's decision of the Legal Service on the Akan Kiursat case does not affect the approach of the Republic of Cyprus, Foreign Minister Konstantinos Kopos said on Friday, in statements upon his arrival at the Old City Hall of Nicosia for an event marking the 60th anniversary of the creation of the UNFICYP.

He added that this is an ongoing process and that the President of the Republic will be informed about the next steps to implement the plan drawn up by the Government and the Legal Service on the issue of usurpation of property in the occupied territories .

Initially asked by journalists present if there is any official information regarding the schedule and contacts of the UN Secretary-General's Personal Envoy for Cyprus Maria Angela Holguin in view of her descent to Cyprus in the coming days, Mr. Kobos said that there is an information in regarding the program but it is still in preliminary stages, characterizing the formulation of the program as a fluid situation.

“We know the meetings that have been initially planned with the President of the Republic and from that point onwards we will see accordingly how the program will have been shaped if there will be any continuation that will logically exist, as well as who else he will meet when he is in Cyprus, but also of course when we will visit either Brussels or other cities”, he noted in this regard.

When asked if Mrs. Holgin is expected to be in Ankara in the near future, the The Minister of Foreign Affairs said at this time the Ministry's information is that it is coming to Cyprus.

Asked if Nicosia is preparing any proposals to achieve progress in this effort, Mr. Kombos said that the Government is in constant preparation to be ready to face any eventuality, but at the same time to see how it can assist progress of the process.

“We have made the relevant preparation, if this concerns ideas, submission of ideas, or how this will be done, if it will be done, you understand that we cannot publicly have this discussion,” he added, adding that nothing specific has been requested from Ms. .Holgin in view of her second landing in Cyprus.

Asked to comment on yesterday's decision of the Legal Service to suspend the criminal prosecution of the Turkish Cypriot lawyer Akan Kursat and the opinion that this decision sets a precedent in relation to measures that the Republic of Cyprus might consider to deal with the usurpation of property in the occupied territories, Mr. Kombos said that the announcement and justification of the Legal Service speaks for itself, describing the reasons for the decision as “clear”. affects future manipulations, adding that if one sees the essence of the case one can draw the appropriate conclusions as to whether this development could overturn an approach formulated by the KD, noting that his own answer is that it could not.

In response to a question about the remaining measures that the Government would work on together with the Legal Service and the possible activation of some tools that had been inactive in previous years, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that a meeting was held yesterday at the Legal Service with the participation of all those responsible for the promotion and implementation of the plan, adding that the President of the Republic will be informed about the next steps.

He added that this is an ongoing process, which is not affected by yesterday's decision of the Legal Service.

For his part, the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative Colin Stewart said in his own brief statements that Ms Holguin would continue her meetings in Cyprus after her arrival and expressed his support for the process.

< p>Asked about the main purpose of the second round of meetings, Mr Stewart said that the Secretary-General's Personal Envoy would try to continue the effort she had started to make progress.

Source: www.philenews.com

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