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Konstantinos Konstantinou answers torturous dilemmas

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Konstantinos Konstantinou answers torturous dilemmas



Konstantinos Konstantinou takes a stand.

Information or entertainment? Update until the final drop!

Newsletter or documentary? It means documentary. I say no to “setbacks”.

Street or studio reporting? For me, the road always has “its own story”.

Editor-in-Chief or presentation? If we are talking about a presentation of “24 hours” “, I vote for the second!

Newspaper or portal? Portal, because it runs at speeds… fast and furious.

Cypriot TV or Netflix? Anyone who has Netflix and answers that they watch more Cypriot TV will be a liar. So I want to be honest. More Netflix.

Would you exchange “24 hours” of life with world fame and recognition? If I did the “24 Hours Global Edition”, I accept!

Facebook or Instagram? I use both equally. Necessary tools of immediacy with the ordinary world.

Follower or influencer? I would like to be both. It's a big deal to inspire someone but at the same time to be inspired by someone else. It offers balance.

Life in the city center or life in the countryside? Out of necessity I “choose” the city, but at the same time maintaining the dream to find refuge at some point in the tranquility of the countryside. Large repulsed.

Patio or terrace? I do not like to see the world from above and I have learned to set foot on earth.

I phone or android? Android with a thousand. I tried the iPhones and felt like a caveman, due to inability to adapt!

Car or bicycle? I drive, I ride my bike. The best gift I made to myself in the first quarantine.

Antiseptic or sunscreen? Sunscreen. We inflated with antiseptics!

Canteen or quarantine? Is quarantine in a canteen possible?

Aristotle or Kenevez? I learned to avoid traps! I will not fall into it either. I choose a diplomatic answer: Both!

T-Shirt or shirt? T-Shirt in summer, shirt with vest – jacket in winter.

Beard or mustache? Beards always. They cut corners on the face.

Tattoo or piercing? Tattoos, because I find it more romantic, which can hide a story.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox One? Will this be considered advertising? I ask, to ask for percentages! When will the PlayStation 5 finally arrive?

Ouzo or tsipouro? Ouzo, because it gives color to the glass and because it also has an intoxicating smell!

Truth or Dare; A lover of truth with the courage to discover it and to reveal it.

Fame or money? Health first. Without it, there is neither one nor the other.

Do you prefer to be a troubled genius or a happy fool? Happy with whatever that entails. It's a big deal to leave this life with a smile on your face.

What could be worse: Losing all your memories forever or never creating new ones? Both equally, as it is like dying a big part of yourself.

If you had a time machine would you travel in the past or in the future? I would definitely travel to the past. Life must have been, despite the difficulties, more carefree, romantic and with more aesthetically beautiful cities and villages.

source: Φilenews

Source: 24h.com.cy

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