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Konstantinos Odysseos answers why he is excellent with DISY – He receives strong criticism on Social Media (audio)

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Konstantinos Odysseos answers why he is excellent with DISY - He receives strong criticism on Social Media (audio)

“I have belonged to DISY since I was a child and to criticize means that I want things to be corrected because DISY does not belong to either Averoff or Haris Georgiadis, DISY does not belong to anyone,” said today the general manager of ANT1 – Cyprus ( from the 1st of the month he abstains from his duties) and Aristide candidate for DISY MP, Konstantinos Odysseos. He noted that from the moment he decided to become a statesman, then he would accept criticism from the citizens as he had been criticizing for so many years. “At the moment, no one can accuse me. “When the people decide to vote for me, then I will fight,” he added.

Mr. Odysseos, with intense action on social media, strongly criticized the Anastasiadis government for the policy in the Cyprus issue but also for issues of entanglement and corruption. An attitude that brought a storm of reactions from Social Media users, strongly criticizing him for inconsistency in his words and deeds and arguing that an independent candidate should run.

Speaking to “POLITI 107.6” and asked to comment on why he decided to govern with DISY, Konstantinos Odysseos answered with a question: What is the clean space in the traditional parties in which I had to join? “I never said that DISY and the Anastasiadis Government are the only corrupt, I criticized the President from the first time that he did not touch the deep problem, the gangrene of corruption. “I wrote to the President that he would find them in front of him,” he added.

“I have criticized everything that is happening. “I am here and if the people decide to enter Parliament, I will criticize properly and meaningfully,” he said. Responding to the criticism that he will change when he enters Parliament, he said that Odysseus will not change because he did not change for so many years that he received very harsh criticism. “As I have been operating for so many years, I will continue to operate even if I am elected. I enter Parliament clean. Some accuse me of changing, but to say that I have not changed in so many years and have received a lot of criticism for what I wrote. “If people who are clean do not enter the system, then the political system will never clean,” he said, among other things.

Listen to the intervention of Konstantinos Odysseos in the “Morning Inspection” broadcast by Politis 107.6 & 97.6:


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Source: politis.com.cy

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