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KORONODOS: The cases increased (a little)…

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KORONODOS: The cases increased (a little)…

Announcement of the Ministry of Health regarding new cases of COVID-19 disease

The Ministry of Health announces that today, June 1, 2021:

  • No deaths of patients with a final cause of death of COVID-19 have been recorded today, and therefore the total number of deaths remains 360.

  • 66 COVID-19 patients are being treated, of which 27 are in serious condition.

  • A total of 43,028 disease detection tests have been performed with the molecular method (PCR) and the antigen rapid test method.

  • 58 (positivity rate: 0.13%) new cases of COVID-19 disease were detected by molecular tests (PCR) and antigen rapid tests, bringing the total number of cases to 72,515 .

The current results are detailed.

A. Deaths from COVID-19 disease:

No deaths of COVID-19 patients have been reported to date. Therefore, the total number of deaths with a final cause of COVID-19 disease remains 360, of which:

  • 240 men (67%), and
  • 120 women (33%).

The average age of those who die from the disease is 78 years.

B. Patients:

In total, 66 patients with COVID-19 are treated in OKYPY hospitals, of which 27 are in serious condition or in MAF conditions.

Of the 27 patients in serious condition, 16 are intubated, three are admitted to an intravenous intensive care unit and eight to an intensive care unit.

The situation in the hospitals is as follows:

Hospital Chamber Number of Patients

(15 patients)

COVID chamber 13
Intensive Care Unit 2

(33 patients)

COVID chamber 12
Intensive Care Unit 2
Intensive Care Unit 19 (3 out of ventilator)

(17 patients)

COVID chamber 13
Intensive Care Unit 4

(1 patient)

COVID chamber 1

C. Positive cases COVID -19 (PCR test and rapid antigen test):

Of the 43,028 diagnoses made today, 5,963 were made by the molecular method (PCR) and 37,065 by the antigen rapid test, 58 cases of COVID-19 were identified, which resulted as follows:

  • 5 cases from 92 samples taken through the process of tracking contacts of already confirmed cases.
  • 4 cases of 2,324 samples taken as part of a passenger check at Larnaca and Paphos Airports.
  • 19 cases from 2,942 samples taken through private initiative.
  • 3 cases from 520 samples tested by the method of antigen rapid test in private clinical laboratories and pharmacies.
  • 27 cases from 36,545 samples tested by the antigen rapid test method.

In addition, the following tests were performed without detecting a case:

  • 287 samples taken from the Microbiological Laboratories of the General Hospitals.
  • 219 samples taken under the program of referrals by Personal Physicians and control of special groups through the Public Health Clinics.
  • 99 samples taken from the inhabitants of Kato Pyrgos Tillirias.

In detail, the rapid antigen tests (rapid test) were performed today as follows:

Province / Sector Test number Number of positives Percentage of positivity
Nicosia 12,081 7 0.06%
Limassol 7,852 10 0.13%
Larnaca 3,106 3 0.10%
Paphos 3,776 1 0.03%
Famagusta 2,138 1 0.05%
Retirement Homes Nicosia 116 0
Limassol 260 0
Aradippou Industrial Area 325 0
Industrial Workers' Area 291 0
Secondary Education 6,490 1
Special schools 110 4

Source: 24h.com.cy

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