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Kos: The sibling of the dead infant will also be examined – We saw her with bruises, say neighbors about the children's mother

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They claim that her husband and father of the children abused her

The residents of Kos are shocked by the tragedy with the death of an infant, just one year old, who, as the medical examiner found, choked on food.

It all happened in less than an hour. At a quarter to eight the 20-year-old mother found her baby unconscious. Half an hour later he called EKAV and while in the meantime he was trying with the help of neighbors to bring it back. The ambulance arrived at 8:25 and seven minutes later, the infant was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at a quarter past nine.

“When the emergency doctor came, she was shouting for someone to bring a defibrillator. The mother is seven months pregnant, what she was saying is that she had fed the baby potato chips and put her to bed and she didn't know what exactly happened,” said an eyewitness.

The dead infant's sibling will also be examined for signs of abuse

Doctors at the hospital found undigested food in his respiratory system, as well as abrasions and generalized oozing on various parts of his body, prompting further examination to determine whether he had been abused.

The medical examiner who examined it in Rhodes, however, found no traces of sexual abuse, judging that the death was caused by suffocation due to undigested food and that the abrasions probably came from previous beatings.

The parents, who were arrested, said that the infant's injuries were the result of either an accident or blows from her 2-year-old brother, which will also be examined by the medical examiner.

The father, 21, and the mother of the unfortunate infant are charged with exposure of a minor resulting in death and on Monday they will go to the prosecutor's door.

Also, according to Mega, what the the infant's father has been charged and arrested in the past for pornography. For this reason, the authorities searched his cell phone and computer. The investigation so far has shown that traces of child pornography were found on his mobile phone, according to the TV station.

“We saw her with bruises”

Neighbors of the couple speaking to Mega report that they had seen the 20-year-old mother beaten several times, with the testimonies of the couple's fights being numerous.

“Her husband was abusing her. Sometimes we had seen her in the neighborhood with some bruises herself, marks which she did not justify”, reported an eyewitness.

“They had fights, I had seen the girl beaten many times. Now, whether he hit her or not, I don't know. I didn't see them together all the time. I saw more of the girl,” said a neighbor of the couple.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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