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Kostas Koklas: “I am ashamed when I hear about incidents of abuse of women, I feel uncomfortable”

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    Κoστας Κoκλας: «&Nu ;ρομαιακοριικ κκοποΙησυναιθωβο&alpha ;»

    “Women are not to blame, men are to blame”

    Kostas Koklas granted an interview on the Mega show , “You ain't seen nothing yet.” The beloved actor talked about his role in the series “Crimes”, about his health adventure, but also about the incidents of violence against women.

    “My life and my career have been very good to me. More than I dreamed. I really love Alec from Crimes, it's a part that all men have in us and I'm glad people identified with it. I didn't deal with my image for a long time. I don't know why,” Kostas Koklas initially said.

    Kostas Koklas then said: “I am an approachable and friendly father. The adventure with my health was a bell that I should be careful. Before I didn't pay attention at all, avoided doctors, tests… I was lucky to get past it. I was then forced to pay more attention to myself.”

    “I am ashamed when I hear about incidents of abuse of women, I feel uncomfortable. It's not women's fault, it's men's fault, these things should be reported. To use violence is unacceptable, especially to a woman. We have to think, do we want the mothers of our children abused and our children scared? I am bitter about this version that we have cultivated that “at home the man is inside and clapping his hand”, Kostas Koklas concluded. 

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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