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Kostas Voutsas: They broke the actor's grave – “This is sacrilege”

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Κστας Βοτσσ: Εσασν τοηοο«υτεαε ροσυλiα»

Unknown people damaged the tomb

An incredible incident came to light on the morning of Monday, May 20, when a few days ago unknown people caused damage to the grave of Kostas Voutsas.

Specifically the issue was highlighted by the show “Super Katerina” where they showed images of the vandalism of the grave, while the ex-wife of Kostas also spoke in the show clearly shocked Voutsa, Evi Karagianni.

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Typically stated: “I am honestly shocked, I cannot understand why this happened and how it happened. I will immediately contact the Athens Cemetery to get information. I am in Kavala, it was time to go to the grave. In a few days I will be there for his memorial service, where I also hold a memorial service here in Kavala every year. We must find out what has happened.

The terrible thing is that last night I saw him in my dream and he always gives me messages.I see him very often and he texts me. Last night I was watching him and today I am hearing and learning this thing. It is a great desecration”.

According to information from Chryslas Georgakopoulou, in the adjacent grave, an exhumation took place and the destruction in question was caused and in the grave of Kostas Voutsas.< /p>

The actor's sister, Nitsa Stamatopoulou, also spoke on the show, where she said, among other things, that what happened is sacrilege!

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Κστουτσσσπσν οοηοο–«υεαι ιεροσυλiα»

Κoστας Βο&upsilon ;σσ:σαντοοηθοι ο – «Αυτεναιοσυλα» /></p>
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