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Kougialis: “If AEL knew what had been shared, it probably would not have had a question”

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Nikos Kougialis, one of the vice-presidents of the company of the blue and yellows, spoke about the improvement of APOEL, Sofronis Augustis and the VAR, who was invited to the show “Goal 'n Roll” of Cytavision and commented, among other things, on the complaints of AEL about Saturday derby.

In detail what he said:

What has APOEL changed and is it so good? “You realize that all this time a lot of hard work has been done by coaches and players, the team starts and behaves as a team and I hope that little by little we will show the virtues that the team can show because there is quality and live material, I'm sure that you will soon see the APOEL you know “.

On what Augustis changed: “He took over a team that was not his, he did not build it, he found the roster ready and he was called to work at all levels and especially in psychology because the team came from a very bad year. There was this psychological issue, we did not win some games because we brought the pathogens from last year and Sofronis bet there, he worked a lot in this field and at the same time he is a very good coach, he proved himself in the previous years, by chance he did not he won a championship and now he is given the opportunity to win it with APOEL “.

If he believes in winning the championship: “When you are APOEL, you can only aim for the championship, that is a given. Also given that we were left behind, at -8. Listen, APOEL entered the playoffs with similar differences and won the championship, with seven points if I remember correctly, in ten games, because not now that there is a whole round and two games left. It depends on us. If we continue at the same pace and with the addition of the people because the people helped a lot yesterday, I believe that APOEL will be there “.

Regarding the VAR and the request for publication of the dialogues: “There is nothing new, but I want to say that yesterday's events and the complaints of AEL – and to clarify that none of our agents were on the field to prevent the referee from going to see the phase- they justify Prodromos Petridis and APOEL that we asked and we ask that the intercom of VAR-referees be made public. If they had the opportunity to hear what was shared between Vassilis Dimitriou and the man who was in the VAR, AEL probably would not have had a question today, just as we would not have had a question about some phases that we had complaints in the past “.

If he knows what was said: “No, I have no idea, I're just saying that if we had known what had been said and what had been done in previous games, we probably would not have had the complaints we had. There must be transparency. “

On whether there has been any development regarding the request for disclosure of the intercom: “There is still no development but it is something that needs to be done. We put the VAR to make it easier for our referees but you can see that every racing team is shouting for the VAR. They watch the phases and need seven or eight minutes to see if there is a penalty, offside or red card. It is urgent to publish dialogues “.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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