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Kougia's allegations about the 23-year-old's lawyer, the police officer's son and the circles around PAOK (video)

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Kougia's allegations about the 23-year-old's lawyer, the police officer's son and the circles around PAOK (video)

19-year-old Alkis is the latest victim of fan violence in Greece after he fell dead in the early hours of Tuesday after the murderous attack he and his friends received, who fortunately escaped.

The case on behalf of the family of the unfortunate 19-year-old has been taken over by the lawyer Alexis Kougias, who all these days has made a series of complaints.

First of all, it should be noted that the well-known lawyer has been expressing his concerns since yesterday, Friday, regarding the non-arrest of the remaining “6-7-8 perpetrators”.

In fact, Mr. Kougias, speaking on Real Fm 107.1 in Thessaloniki, added that he is in the “deep darkness” regarding the case file and the investigations, while he estimates that he will receive a copy of the case file next Tuesday morning, as the The 23-year-old accused who was arrested for the murder of Alkis is expected to complete his apology last night.

As he had said in the same interview, Alexis Kougias has planned to meet today with the parents of 19-year-old Alkis in Veria.

The complaint for the 23-year-old's lawyer

Alexis Kougias, as mentioned above, has made serious complaints about the case since he took over. The lawyer had stated in MEGA Live News about the 23-year-old's lawyer:

“I will tell you something that impresses me. I learned that one of the most remarkable lawyers in Thessaloniki, the son of a former vice-president of the Supreme Court, took over as his lawyer. I appreciate him very much, I know him from his first steps, his father was a “jewel of Justice”.

Selected lawyer. “The specific perpetrator, however, is one of the accused who does not have the opportunity to choose a lawyer of this level”, he stressed.

He added: “So I want you to understand that I am very anxiously waiting for the phones to be opened, if they can, for the secrecy – because it is a crime – of all those arrested to be lifted and I hope we do not find anything in front of any Pakistani phones.”

He also pointed out: “In any case, the arrest of the other perpetrators will fully shed light on the case.”

But what I can tell you is that they went there to kill. This was not a fight, as it is wrongly stated. It was a cruise ship, very well designed. “They went to kill him.”

The photo of the 23-year-old with a police officer's son

The other complaint also involves a police officer from the Thessaloniki Department of Sports Violence.

“Yesterday I received a news that has shocked me. They sent me a photo and I was shocked. I saw for the first time the alleged killer of Alkis. Next to him is the son of a senior officer of the Sports Violence Department of Thessaloniki. I will bring this photo to the attention of the investigator “, said Alexis Kougias, raising a series of questions about the correlation of the photo or not with the evolution of the investigations.

Following the specific complaint, a statement was issued by the Police. It states that: “Regarding reports concerning a police officer serving in a position of responsibility in the Sub-Directorate for Combating Violence in Sports Venues, it is announced that for the last three years at least he has not served, nor does he serve a female officer in this service.

For the homicide of the 19-year-old, the investigations continue and for any development, a new information will follow “.

Complaint about criminals in the PAOK circle

The lawyer of the 19-year-old's family also complained that there are dangerous criminals “who are in the environment of PAOK”, while he also spoke about the beatings received by the undefeated Mars fan. Details of what he said to “Fos”:

How did you handle the case?

The president of Amateur Mars, Lefteris Arvanitis, initially sent me a message on my cell phone, early in the morning after the crime. I did not know anything, I was in court in Xanthi. I was late to call him because of the trial. During a court break I called him and he explained what had happened. And in the end he said to me “I want you to tell me your salary, because we have decided to cover the expenses, to support the family”. I told him “do not even think about it, I will do it for free”. After a while, Theodoros Karypidis called me and told me to take over the representation of the other two victims who were in the hospital. The other two children who were attacked together with Alkis.

Weren't you fighting with Karypidis?

We had a fight last year after the match between Larissa and Aris. But in such moments, when you are asked to take on such cases, the enemies are forgotten. Think that I have taken the appeals of the convictions to the crimes of Gagatsis, who was my worst enemy and we were in court. And Panthrakikos was going up categories where his son was there, Veria was going up, Thrasyvoulos was going up, but for years I could not go up with PAS Giannina. We eliminated Olympiakos Piraeus in the Cup, we had a good team, but we remained stuck in the Second National.

The 23-year-old alleged perpetrator of the crime was arrested again in 2019 for stabbing and was out. People wonder how this is done?

Just because someone stabbed you does not mean they go to jail right away. The following offenses are committed with a knife: first, of dangerous bodily harm, which is a misdemeanor and no temporary detention is provided. Second: the crime of unintentional bodily harm is committed, which also does not provide for temporary detention and if convicted, you are punished with imprisonment of up to 10 years. Third: the offense of attempted murder in which there is a prison sentence of up to 15 years. Temporary reservation is provided here. And, fourthly: the crime of murder, which carries a sentence of up to life and here is provisional detention. That's why he was out. He was apparently charged with one of the first two offenses, which does not provide for temporary detention.

Should the penalties be tougher?

We have the most severe penalties in world criminal law. But while the police try to arrest the criminals, usually the cases are not legally sound… And a good lawyer manages not to punish the perpetrators with severe punishments. For example, the case of Richardos, about which even politicians had made statements, discounting his conviction γνωρίζ You finally know what happened…

The Arians and Iraklides say that in recent years PAOK has a lot of “powder” in the city and there is terrorism. What image do you have?

I am not a lawyer living in Thessaloniki and the bulk of my cases are not in Thessaloniki – of course I have cases in this city as well. However, it is true that in recent years, dangerous criminals of the city are in the environment of PAOK. Because there is a lot of money ύτε There is no money in Hercules, who Hercules is “hungry”, nor in Mars there is money that can be compared to the money of Savvidis. These money elements are only interested in money. They impersonate fans and use the groups as a cover to terrorize their opponents and the police. They also deal with the protection of nightclubs and with drugs and the arms trade, one of them or many at a time.

Tell me about the blows that 19-year-old Alkis received.

It is not only the knives, he also received fatal blows to the head. The medical examiner who did the examination is one of the best in Greece – if not the best. That is why the persecution of those arrested will be the same.

Very interesting. Tell me more about it.

Everyone will be blamed for Alkis's murder. In fact, everyone will be charged with attempted murder against the other two victims. Everyone will be threatened with life for the murder of Alkis and with a sentence of 15 years for the other two who went to the hospital. All eight can go for life.

But where are the others? By the time we talk we have caught the 23-year-old.

Alas if the clarification of this case is limited to the 23-year-old. This will be malicious and will expose the Greek police. Everyone must be located and arrested. If the police do not find them and arrest them, I will create a huge issue. Everyone will then believe that others are being hidden who may be bigger “heads” than the 23-year-old and that they gave him to cover others.

You have seen a lot in your career. Tell some that a knife in the leg can make them killers.

Usually the knife in the thigh leads to death. It is an exception that a victim does not die if he is stabbed in the thigh. He is most likely to die. A central artery passes through the thigh with high blood pressure and within 3 minutes the person can die from uncontrollable bleeding.

What should we do if it happens to a person near us? Push the point?

If you are not lucky enough to have a hospital next to you and you do not go in a flash, you do not escape. The special forces are taught that the most crucial blow is to the thigh…

Source: politis.com.cy

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