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Koullas' answer to AKEL on the taxation of bank profits

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<p style=AKEL fails to realize that the taxation it proposes will be passed on to depositors, borrowers and small and medium enterprises. They are the ones that the Democratic Alert wants to protect.

Unfortunately, there at AKEL they remain uneducable. Good intentions are one thing and results are another. As they asked the citizens for more social justice but caused the greatest inequalities, the one time they ruled us.

In any case it angers the society, when those who led us with their ideological anchorings in the Tartars, teach us lessons in economics.

Of course, AKEL is popularizing and trying to mislead the citizens with fancy and impractical proposals. For many months he talked about taxing the banks, submitting a law proposal in the last session, when the Parliament would be closed for the elections!!!

Source: 24h.com.cy

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