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Koursaris: Expansion of the rental warehouse to deal with expensive rents

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In his statements to DISPARO NEWS, he noted that rent prices do not correspond either to the capabilities of tenants or to the real economy.

ΚουρσΕρης: ΕπΕκτα ση του ενοικιοστασiου για αντι μετωπιση ακριβων ενοικΙων

Expansion of the rental area, geographically and temporally, so as to cover all tenants of commercial accommodation, the General Confederation of All Cypriot Federations of Craft Professional Store Managers (GS POVEK), with the General Secretary, Stefanos Koursaris, has sounded the alarm about the heights of the rents in all provinces.
In his statements on the DIASPORA IDISSEON show and Oriana Papantoniou, he emphasized that today the situation, regarding the amount of rents, is out of control, both for professional roofs and for apartments. He noted that rent prices do not correspond either to the potential of tenants or to the real economy. “The problem extended beyond Limassol, to the rest of the provinces. Limassol maintains the lead, but so do the commercial streets of the other cities”.

For the request to expand the rental unit, the General Assembly of POVEK submitted a relevant memorandum to the Minister of Justice. According to Mr. Koursaris, one of the main reasons for the excessive and exorbitant increase in rents in recent years is the fact that the Tenancy Law does not geographically and temporally cover all tenants, whether commercial premises or residential, while the recent The Government's decision to increase rents to 6%, from zero previously in force, worsened the situation and gave the owners the opportunity to demand leveling and universal rent increases beyond the 6% applicable to rental properties.

He noted that with the existing regime, tenants and property owners of different speeds are created, they are treated unequally and unfair competition is created.

Explaining the rental regime to the public today, he said that the first rental is free, while after the end of the contract, if a property was built before 2000 and is located in urban centers (the conditions for inclusion of a property in the tenancy), the increase that the owner is entitled to make cannot exceed 6% every two years. That is why, he stressed, they are asking for the expansion of the rental complex, geographically and temporally, so as to cover all tenants of commercial accommodation, because 40% of the properties are outside the rental complex.

As regards the request for the creation of a tourist police , Mr. Koursaris mentioned that phenomena of hooliganism, harassment, theft, vandalism, etc., which are observed in Ayia Napa and Protaras, destroy the image and the tourist product itself, undermining good and quality tourism.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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