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“ktiZO” project: Increase of the rent allowance by €200 in Limassol

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According to the announcement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the decision took into account the difficult housing conditions that prevail especially in the said Province

ΣχΕδιο κτΙΖΩ»: Αyξησ η του επιδoματος ενοικου κατa €200 στη Λεμεσo

In the context of the implementation and improvement of the Grant Scheme for Existing Apartment Buildings in Government Settlements for the Housing of Displaced Persons “ktiZO”, the Ministry of the Interior decided to increase by €200 the rent allowance for the beneficiaries who live in the Municipalities of Limassol District. The decision took into account the difficult housing conditions that prevail especially in the said Province.

Therefore, beneficiaries of the Plan who live in apartment buildings in Limassol District will be granted a rent allowance of €600 for a one-bedroom apartment, €800 for a two-bedroom apartment and €1,000 for a three-bedroom apartment. The rent allowance is granted to those beneficiaries who will participate in the “ktiZÓ” Plan, based on the type of apartment they own in the existing apartment buildings.

In addition, for better service and coordination of the tenants of the first 20 apartment buildings that will be demolished and reconstructed, the Department of Urban Planning and Housing is setting up a program for free transportation and storage of personal items and household equipment. Those who need help with transportation and storage, can contact the Department of Urban Planning and Housing on 22409541, in order to join the program that will be activated in the next few days.

Officials of the Department of Urban Planning and Housing have recently completed the campaign to personally inform the beneficiaries of the 20 apartment buildings that were assessed as being at immediate risk. The provisions of the Plan were explained in detail to the beneficiaries and their questions were answered, while at the same time specific cases of beneficiaries were recorded, so that individualized solutions could be found and the maximum possible assistance and facilitation provided to them. Beneficiaries in the remaining 23 apartment buildings that will be vacated and demolished with a time horizon of 24 months will be informed in the next period. and Non-Governmental Organizations, who rushed to support the great effort of the State to ensure safe and decent housing for the beneficiaries of apartments in refugee settlements. Details of the assistance that will be granted to the beneficiaries will be announced by the Minister of the Interior in the coming days.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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