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Labyrinth of controls… with relaxation of measures

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Cyprus is taking another step to return to normalcy. The improved epidemiological picture of the country, led epidemiologists and the government to turn on the green light for new relaxations. Starting next Tuesday, citizens, after nine months, will be able to visit supermarkets and other basic necessities without the need for safepass, while changes are coming in the issue of quarantine. The government's goal is to simplify pandemic control measures with easier-to-understand guidelines. No reason to extend the test to stay and give a third dose to 12-17 year olds.

The “promises”

The improvement of epidemiological indicators, the reduction of hospitalizations, the decrease in the number of cases and the positivity rate, allow the government to keep its promise to relax the measures, said during the announcement of the measures the Minister of Health Michalis Hadjipandella. It is worth noting that par & # 8217; As soon as the date of implementation of the measures was announced, there was no mention of how long the new decree will be valid, a fact that strengthens the intentions of the Ministry of Health for long-term measures. Based on what was decided yesterday at the Council of Ministers, from Tuesday, March 8, 2022, the following are implemented:

  • Virus-positive individuals may be released on day 7, provided they test negative (Rapid or PCR). If the result is positive, the procedure can be repeated until negative, or until the 10th day of self-limitation.
  • Close contacts of a confirmed positive event that have not been isolated from the HIV-positive person (eg parents caring for a minor child, etc.), instead of remaining confined for 10 + 7 days, may occur after the 7th release of the case day to undergo a test (Rapid or PCR) and if they provide a negative result to be released.
  • Approval of the Covid-19 disease adjustment plan. The plan will include the premises and occupational activities that will be classified according to the risk and the citizens will know what the appropriate conditions will be to enter these premises, either for people with a history of vaccination or for people without a history of vaccination. .
  • Increasing the capacity of retail businesses, casinos, gyms.
  • Increasing the maximum number of people at events, including weddings and christenings, to 500, given its area space allows the ratio of 1.5 sq.m. per person.
  • The lifting of the ban on conducting student parades.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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