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“Lady”… in trouble

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With Charalambous as the star player, Olympiacos beat Anorthosis 2-1 and took a slight lead in qualification

«Κυρiα»… σε μπελδεσ /></p>
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<p>Against the predictions, Olympiacos beat Anorthosis in Makareio 2-1 and took a slight lead in qualification. Charalambous (34' and 56'), who scored both of his team's goals, was a great player for the Taktakala team. Tehera temporarily equalized for the visitors (45') with a well-timed penalty kick.</p>
<p>We remind you that the away goal does not count, while the replay is scheduled to take place on March 2 at “Antonis Papadopoulos”.</p>
<p><strong>First Half</strong></p>
<p>Best it was during the longest period of the first half that Anorthosis held the ball longer and was clearly more demanding. Olympiacos emphasized its defensive function, which tried to threaten mainly with counterattacks.</p>
<p>The team from Famagusta recorded their first goal in just 1', with a missed shot by Sambo inside the area, while three minutes later another missed attempt was scored, this time by Guerrero.</p>
<p>The “Lady” continued to press and in the 17th minute he missed a great opportunity to open the scoring, when Moll saved with difficulty the shot attempted by Mraz inside the area. Paroutis followed the phase, but Gorupets managed to chase away at the last moment.</p>
<p>In the 30th minute, another good moment was lost for the visitors, when Guerrero made a cross from the left, finding Mraz who from an advantageous position in the area sent the ball over the posts with a heel.</p>
<p>Against the flow of the match, the “black and green” managed to open the scoring in the 34th minute with Charalambous. After a quick counter-attack, Koroma broke into the area and played a one-and-done pass to the young midfielder, who scored from close range. In fact, the Cypriot footballer “touched” the second goal in the 42nd minute, when he shot from the height of the large area, sending the ball just over the goal of Keravnos.</p>
<p>The Famagusta team responded to this goal one minute before the end of the first part when the referee, Menelaos Antoniou, showed the white bullet for an infringement by Charalambous on Antoniou, inside the area. Tehera took over the execution and managed to equalize, thus making it 1-1.</p>
<p><strong>Second Half</strong></p>
<p>The tempo was low for most of the replay, with Anorthosis continuing to hold more of the ball and be more threatening. Nevertheless, the first final in the second half was scored on behalf of the home team, when in the 47th minute Barti made a misdirected header inside the area, following a free-kick by Psychas.</p>
<p>Taktakalas' team continued to be dangerous. in the counter-attacks and in the 56th minute he managed to breach the goal of Keravnos for the second time. Scorer again was Stefanos Charalambous, who scored with a spot kick inside the area. The phase was checked for Koroma's hand, but the VAR “showed” a goal.</p>
<p>The pace of the match then dropped even more, with the home side managing the score perfectly until the end to secure a victory that gives them the edge in qualifying for the next phase of the event.</p>
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Olympic: Moll, Barti, Esseling, Dosis (45' Alcheus), Psychas (81' Ka), Nani, Kyriakou, Gorupets , Enoch (91' Kalili), Charalambous (67' Liasidis), Koroma (81' Hendricks).

Recovery: Keravnos, Baisinio, Correa, Tehera, Guerrero, Paroutis (62' Waris), Antoniou, Sambo (70' Antonin), Haroyan (62' Correa), Ioannou (62' Christofi), Mraz (91' Ninga).

Scorers: 34' and 55' Charalambous/45' Tehera (pen. ).

Yellows: 19' Dosis/60' Baisinho, 64' Correa (loses the replay).

Reds: -/-

Referee: Antoniou M enelaos.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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