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Lanitis Group: Business Innovation and Economic Development

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Lanitis Group: Business Innovation and Economic Development

For the last two years or so, the business world around the world has been forced to operate in an unprecedented situation and in a new and fluid daily life where data is constantly changing and continues to change. We have been and still are in a state of constant vigilance and readiness to be able to diagnose in time and to quickly adapt to economic conditions that are still characterized by uncertainty .

At Lanitis Group we tried from the first moment of the pandemic to manage the business and investment activity of the Group in the new, fluid economic environment. Our business plans, necessarily, are updated, since the main feature of the time is the volatile economic conditions.

We manage to manage the above situation in the new economic conditions of the pandemic successfully, since one of the main characteristics of our Group is the continuous development and adaptability and the belief in business innovation. Our belief is that in the business world nothing remains stable and therefore we must also look ahead, study developments and evolve on the basis of a proper and long-term planning.

Lanitis Group: Business Innovation and Economic Development

We believe that innovation is a key factor in economic growth and progress, as it improves business productivity and efficiency, with the corresponding beneficial effects on the local economy. In the Lanitis Group, the concept of innovation and continuous development is timelessly integrated in the business culture of the organization. We always try to make our investment moves in sustainable projects, with perspectives and at the same time pioneering. This is also a key factor that the Group maintains the trust that foreign investors and partners have in it.

The concept of innovation, however, is not limited only to the design or the character of the large projects that the Lanitis Group chooses to invest and develop, but also to the way its companies operate. They always try to apply innovative practices in various fields, such as management and technology, since as I mentioned above, innovation is embedded in the Group's culture. This had a particularly beneficial effect on the Group, especially during the pandemic period, as the changing conditions that prevailed, created the need for new ways of management, new processes, new products and the use of new technological tools. What always remains constant is the anthropocentric approach.

Innovation should always be a key and permanent goal and growth lever for businesses. It offers them significant benefits and advantages, which result in the optimization of efficiency and consequently their positive contribution to the wider local economy. However, the theoretical approach from an organization is not enough, but the practical adoption of “innovative” mood and culture is needed over time.

Lanitis Group: Business Innovation and Economic Development

Platon E. Lanitis President of the Lanitis Group

The Lanitis Group was founded at the end of the 19th century and is one of the most important business organizations in Cyprus. Based on its values -reliability, integrity, quality, social offer- the group has always played a pioneering role in the sectors in which it operates, actively participating in both the economic and social life of the country.

Lanitis Group: Business Innovation and Economic Development

Invests and operates in various business sectors such as construction (Cybarco Contracting), land development and luxury real estate (Cybarco Development), golf and marina development (Lanitis Farm, Limassol Greens, Limassol Marina), tourism and travel businesses and the hotel industry (Amathus Public, Amathus Corporation, Amathus Aegeas), entertainment and restaurants (Lanitis Entertainment, Carob Mill Restaurants, Fasouri Watermania Waterpark), trade and imports of raw materials (Lanitis Electrics, Lanitis Aristophanous, Lanitis Gas), Renewables Energy (Lanitis Energy, Conercon Energy Solutions) etc.

Lanitis Group: Business Innovation and Economic Development

Lanitis EC Holdings Ltd is an investment company that operates as the parent company of the Group. It has a diversified portfolio of investments through subsidiaries and affiliates. Its main role includes the planning of the group's investment strategy, the formulation of procedures and the coordination of activities of the group companies, especially in the fields of strategy, finance, communication and human resources.

The Group is also known for its humanitarian and social contribution, mainly in the fields of culture, education and health.


A non-profit organization founded in 2001 with the aim of preserving the memory of Evagoras and Katholn Lanitis and continuing their social contribution. The Foundation organizes and sponsors cultural and educational events, which showcase human achievements. It is the institution through which the Corporate Social Responsibility of the companies of the Lanitis Group is expressed.

Lanitis Group: Business Innovation and Economic Development

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Lanitis Group: Business Innovation and Economic Development

Arch. Kyprianou 21, 3036 Limassol,

Tel: 00357 25 820920,

Fax: 00357 25 819075



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