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Large flood protection projects will prevent floods says Limassol Municipality – SALA

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Large flood protection projects will prevent floods says Limassol Municipality - SALA

The Municipality of Limassol and the Water Supply Council of Limassol – Amathounta express their regret for the suffering and the damage caused by yesterday's floods, after the heavy rain, noting that the problem will be solved with the major flood protection works that are underway.

In a statement, the Municipality of Limassol states that “it is unacceptable in a modern city to be flooded with streets and buildings” and notes that the citizens do not deserve such suffering, especially at a time when they have been suffering for months and the pandemic.

Pointing out that geomorphology leaves the city exposed to rainwater flows from all areas to its north, the Municipality of Limassol emphasizes that, while the problem has been well known for decades, as well as the need to shield the city was well known. with the appropriate flood defenses, “unfortunately they did not become what they should have been all these years”.

“At the same time, the major redevelopment projects on the seafront and in the city center that were completed in the last decade, were anything but successful in alleviating the problems,” he added.

Stating that Limassol needs flood protection works to protect itself from floods, the city's municipal authorities say that, from the first moment they took office, they have been trying to resolve the shortcomings and omissions and that “efforts have begun to bear fruit”.

Already, they note, the first contract, 17 million euros, is already signed in a few days by SALA, to start anti-flood works in the areas of Agia Fyla, Ekali, Agios Georgios Havouzas and other areas.

The contracts for the anti-flood works near the city center, on Navarinou, Agia Fylaxeos, Thessaloniki and Gladstonos streets, are also progressing rapidly. The works on the specific roads, he added, are expected to start within the current year “and they will do what should have been done with the completion of the major works in the city center, the castle and the coastal front”.

“The reality is that this municipal authority launched solutions, did what it was obliged to do to the citizens, made the plans, secured the funds and implements projects that will pay off when they are built, something that is not far away,” the announcement notes.

Until the problem with the construction of the projects is solved, the Municipality of Limassol assures that it will continue to do everything possible to reduce the inconvenience and damage suffered by the citizens, while expressing its gratitude to the technical and working staff of the Municipality. , but also in the other services, “who selflessly offer their services day and night when there are these intense weather phenomena”.

In addition, in its announcement, SALA reminds that it has accelerated and promoted the major flood protection projects of our city, which are at a very advanced stage and gives details of the major flood protection project in the northern areas of Limassol, where the contract is expected to be signed. .

Construction work on the 17m-euro project, he added, is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2021 and upon completion, much of the rainwater that now enters the city will be diverted to the Garyllis River, at the height of of Spyros Kyprianou Avenue and will not be allowed to enter the center of Limassol.

In relation to the flood control project in the center of Limassol, estimated at 7 million euros, SALA notes that, with its completion, it aspires to put a final end to the long history of floods in the center of Limassol.

In addition to the above “mature flood protection projects”, to which the Municipality of Limassol refers, SALA is planning a series of other projects for comprehensive flood protection of our city, such as rainwater retention lakes, which will control and limit the flow of rain water to the rivers Garylli and Vathia, whose capacity has been limited due to the erratic residential development.

An important part of the overall planning for integrated flood protection, the Council considers the urban planning work of the construction of the rainwater culvert along Evagora Laniti Street, for which the Department of Public Works is responsible. With this project, it is added, the river of Agia Fyla will be diverted along Evagora Laniti street west to the river Garyllis, thus protecting the wider area of Agia Fyla.

In addition to the above large projects, SALA, in collaboration with the Municipality of Limassol, plans the execution of smaller individual projects, to alleviate problems in specific areas, the announcement concludes.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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