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Large gap in pensions

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The wage gap between men and women, the – even – bigger gap that exists in pensions and the absence of equal opportunities between the two sexes were recorded yesterday, among other things, by the trade unions, on the occasion of Women's Day, confirming that there is still a long way to go for real gender equality.

The woman of Cyprus works, but works in inferior conditions, with unregulated forms of work, part-time, with fixed-term contracts, works en masse with cheap work, said yesterday the general secretary of PEO Sotiroula Charalambous, adding that Cyprus has one of the higher pension gaps between men and women. & nbsp;

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Ms. Charalambous spoke at yesterday's event – mobilization at the end of Ledra, which was dedicated to the teachers of the afternoon and evening programs of the Ministry of Education. “We decided this year, on the occasion of International Women's Day, the leading day of struggle against discrimination, for equality in life and work,” he said. of the Ministry of Education.

“We have an obligation to keep this issue alive, first to those workers who for 9 years now with stubbornness, unity and militancy are fighting for their right to be recognized as workers and why this group of workers is a group on which it is expressed “Deregulation and cheap labor without rights in all its glory”, noted Ms. Charalambous.

He said that, based on data from the European Institute for Gender Equality, published on February 11, Cyprus ranks 8th out of 27 in the labor participation index, in the index of segregation and quality. is in 21st place. This means, he pointed out, that the woman of Cyprus works but works in inferior terms, with unregulated forms of work, part-time, with fixed-term contracts, she works en masse with cheap work.

In a statement, the SEC said that with responsibility and & nbsp; documentation, the union aims to end gender-based violence, sexual harassment and intimidation, combat stereotypes, bridge the gender pay gap, and pension gap. It also aims at the reconciliation of work and family, through the more active participation of women in the labor market and in general in the empowerment of women to take advantage of their development opportunities.

“The TEC, as an active member of the European Trade Unions, ETUC, is closely following European developments in relation to the European Commission's strategy for gender equality, which sets a clear goal until 2025: Building a cohesive European Society, where its citizens will have access to equal opportunities for development and equal participation in the decision-making centers, which determine the policies for the present and the future “, adds the union. & nbsp;

A structured policy to cover of the gap

In its proclamation for Women's Day, DEOK states that it must & nbsp; clearly convey the message to the whole society that women have non-negotiable rights of equality and equal opportunities, which should be guaranteed, arguing that equality statistics in Cyprus continue to be depressing, proving the magnitude of the problem in a society still dominated by gender stereotypes, patriarchal perceptions and strong sexist attitudes and mentalities.

“The pay gap to the detriment of women is 11%, the pension gap at 39% and the occupational segregation at 24.4% “, says DEOK, arguing that the disadvantaged position of women in the labor market and the wage gap that accompanies it must be addressed with a structured strategy and take substantial steps to implement employment and pay equality legislation in practice. & nbsp;

Source: www.philenews.com

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