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Larnaca: A total of 103 kilos of garbage was collected from the bottom cleaning in the area of Psarolimanos

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Larnaca: A total of 103 kilos of garbage was collected from the bottom cleaning in the area of Psarolimanos

A total of 103 kilos of garbage, including glass and plastic bottles, tins and even two car tires, were collected today, within an hour, by divers from the bottom of the Psarolimanos area in Larnaca.

The cleanup was organized by the AKTI Research and Research Center in collaboration with the British High Commission in Cyprus, the Municipality of Larnaca, the Department of Fisheries, professional and volunteer divers and the Association of Professional Fishermen, with the aim of celebrating the World Cup today. June 7.

In a statement, the High Commissioner of Great Britain in Cyprus Steven Lily, who boarded the boat that participated in the cleaning of the seabed, expressed satisfaction “for his visit to Larnaca and the cooperation with AKTI, the Municipality of Larnaca, the Association of Professionals divers and the Department of Fisheries, in order to focus on the very important issue of marine pollution “.

He added: “We all know that the oceans are very important for our lives, for the air we breathe, for the climate but also for the natural resources that are under real threat. “Today we have seen the threat posed by marine pollution as well as the threat of climate change and rising temperatures.”

At the same time, he expressed the assessment that “countries such as Cyprus and Britain, which are islands, it is important to work together to address these problems. This year, Britain has put the protection of the oceans at the heart of its action on climate change. We support the Global Oceans Alliance, which aims to increase their protection so that by 2030, 30% of the oceans are protected through protected marine areas “.

According to Mr. Lilis, there is a lot that can be done in this area, while he added that “today we have seen the catastrophic impact of garbage disposal” and described “wonderful sea voyage by fishing boat”.

For her part, Xenia Loizidou, President of the Board of Directors of AKTI stated that “today we celebrate World Oceans Day and we are in the Psarolimano area in Larnaca with the High Commissioner of Great Britain and we want to send the message that plastics “.

He added that “plastic pollution is important for the degradation of the marine environment and marine ecosystems. AKTI works with the fishermen of Cyprus, we are in the same struggle to keep our seas clean from garbage and clean from plastics “.

Ms. Loizidou thanked the High Commission of Great Britain because as he explained “they are always supporters in our effort and he shows it with his presence today with us, the Municipality of Larnaca, the Department of Fisheries and the volunteer divers who dived into the sea today and gathered 103 kilos of various garbage which were trapped on the reefs in Psarolimano and on the Mackenzie reef “.

Answering a relevant question, Xenia Loizidou said that “the garbage that is collected has to do with the moment it is collected due to the sea currents. That is, today we have gathered 100 kilos here, we can come tomorrow and it will be very clear or the day after tomorrow to gather half a ton. “Because the sea currents in Larnaca move in this way, we can not have an accurate picture if there is more garbage.”

But what we see, he continued, is that “this year we have more garbage from beach users, that is, we have a lot of cans, which means that the Cypriots are polluting, throwing garbage. “The coasts of Cyprus are big garbage dumps, we have to admit it and do something about it.”

In another question, Ms. Loizidou said that “from the identification of the garbage made by the AKTIS volunteers, garbage made of plastic and glass was identified, while 80% is made of aluminum. “Today, divers pulled two car tires from the seabed, something that can be found on all the beaches and seabeds of Cyprus, because they are thrown into the sea to create habitats for octopuses.”

He also noted that “depending on the area in a one-hour cleaning of the seabed we can take out a ton of rubbish. The area of Protaras is the one that has a lot of garbage “.

For his part, Rafaelos Charalambous, a professional fisherman, thanked the COAST and the British High Commissioner who visited Larnaca today to help clean up the seabed in the area of Psarolimanos “which shows that some people are interested in the sea. We love the sea and we want such people near us so that we can protect it “he said and appealed to everyone not to throw garbage in the sea.

Source: KYPE

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