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Larnaca is flooding – Over one hundred thousand people are expected to visit it

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About one hundred thousand people are expected to visit Larnaca this year for the great celebration of the Flood that will take place on the coastal avenue of Athens – Finikoudes from Friday 10 to Wednesday 15 June.

The Mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, in a press conference held on Tuesday, at the Complex of Creativity and Culture of the Municipality of Larnaca, stated that “a flood means Larnaca and the two years of absence of this great celebration, brought a big blow both for the city and for the Larnaca people. This year this great celebration returns with the splendor it deserves and Larnaca as an ardent supporter of tradition and faithful to the promise it gives for over 100 years, is ready to welcome again the thousands of visitors, locals and foreigners who will honor it with their presence for the celebrations of the Flood “.

He added that “guided by tradition, the Municipality of Larnaca, maintaining the high level of the festival, for six consecutive days from Friday 10 June until Wednesday 15 June 2022, will give visitors the opportunity to attend a rich artistic program with Cypriot competitions poetry, love songs, tsiattists, flute, ball and Cypriot dances. The street vendors are already in their place on the seafront of Finikoudes “.

As Mr. Vyras said, the Flood will start at eight on the night of Friday, June 10, with the opening parade in which Cultural Clubs, Dance Groups, Scouts, Marine Scouts, Air Scouts, Guides, Sailors, Roads, 298th Zenon Scout System and the Nautical Club, accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Larnaca and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Cyprus Police Force “.

Greetings at the beginning of the celebration of the Flood will be the Speaker of the House of Representatives Annita Dimitriou.

With the simultaneous operation of two platforms, continued the Mayor, of the Central beside Kimonos Square and in Europe Square, the visitors will have the opportunity to attend a varied artistic program. “Folk poets, dancers and singers will compete, while satire, theatrical moments and children's programs will have their place of honor,” he said.

Regarding the artists from Cyprus and Greece, who will enrich the Cataclysm, Andreas Vyras said that the popular singers Paola, Elias Bretos, Stavros Konstantinou, Josephine and Panos Mouzourakis will be present on the main stage of events. At the same time in the garden theater of the Medieval Castle of Larnaca, the Shadow Theater Festival will be hosted & # 8211; Karagiozi.

Also in Europe Square, in specially made kiosks, will be presented, as every year, a total of 13 traditional Cypriot professions with craftsmen to explain the process of making chairs, burqa, baskets, trays and others.

Even Larnaca, due to its privileged position as a coastal city, “includes every year in the program of the Flood sailing competitions on the beach of Finikoudes such as canoe-kayaking, sailing races and offshore boat races. Swimming competitions are also organized at the swimming pool of the Larnaca Nautical Club, while the Beach Volley competition is being held at the same time and the Golden Bay Hotel will host the Blitz Chess Tournament for another year “.

The Mayor of Larnaca expressed his gratitude to the Cultural Services of the Municipality and all the Municipal Services which, as he said, “are working for the smooth organization of this year's events”.

Answering questions Andreas Vyras He said that it is estimated that about 100 thousand people will visit Larnaca on all six days of the Flood festival, a number that is, as he said, “a conservative but very feasible turnout.” At the same time, there is a great demand from the hotels and tourist accommodation of the city for overnight stays during at least the three days of the Flood “.

In another question, the Mayor answered that” the expenses for the realization of the various events and the presence of Cypriot and Greek artists in the Flood, is more than the income. The Municipality sponsors this great celebration of Larnaca and our goal is to make the difference between revenues and expenditures as small as possible “.

Source: politis.com.cy

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