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Larnaca port and marina €1.2 billion project faces growing uncertainty

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Larnaca port and marina €1.2 billion project faces growing uncertainty

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    The future of the €1.2 billion investment in the port and marina of Larnaca is shrouded in uncertainty, sparking anxieties and prompting calls for transparency from both the government and Kition Ocean Holdings, the contractor behind the project.

    According to Phileleftheros, Larnaca stakeholders are growing increasingly concerned, not only about the possibility of a delay in the project’s first phase, initially slated for June, but also regarding the secrecy surrounding the agreement between the state and Kition Ocean Holdings, a company majority-owned by Aroundtown.

    Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras expressed his disapproval of the information blackout, emphasizing, “Up until now, we have not received any indication of a problem from either the company or the government. However, I reiterate that we will not accept further delays or changes to the plan. If June passes and the works do not begin, the city will react dynamically.” He confirmed that building permits would be issued in April and that the company had initiated the tendering process.

    Nakis Antoniou, president of the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry, echoed the concerns, stating, “We want to see action. We still do not know what agreements were signed because none of us have seen them. They are being kept confidential, and as far as I know, only the Ministry of Transport and the government have access to the contracts. Neither Parliament, nor the municipality, nor the Larnaca CCI have seen them, and my information is that even the Port Authority, which has a direct stake in this project, has been kept in the dark.”

    < p>Pressure by Parliament

    Larnaca’s MPs have joined the chorus of discontent. DISY MP Prodromos Alambritis, a member of the House Transport Committee, announced that the matter would be addressed in Parliament soon.

    “There has been anxiety for over a year and a half since the company informed us about potential delays in some phases. However, this anxiety has reached a peak now, and we are requesting an official update from the Minister of Transport, the municipality regarding the permit issuance, and the company itself.” He further highlighted the lack of progress on the renovation of the historic pier, which has been closed for more than a year without any visible improvements.

    “This is not what we expected to see at the pier, and it is troubling. It’s important to remember that the port generates significant revenue, millions in fact,” he added.

    AKEL MP, Andreas Pashourtides, stressed the need for transparency, emphasizing the state's obligation to keep stakeholders informed.

    “From the outset, we officially requested the contract as a party. We did this before the signing, and they cited a confidentiality clause. Even after the signing, we were not provided with it. The reason we are asking for the contract is to understand the terms, commitments, and deadlines to be able to exercise parliamentary control, as we are talking about state assets,” he explained.

    EDEK MP Andreas Apostolou advocated for a composed approach, suggesting that the project should not be politicized in the lead-up to the elections.

    “I spoke with the mayor, and he assured me that the municipality is taking all necessary steps to prevent further delays. I recommended a comprehensive meeting with all relevant stakeholders and the company to provide a comprehensive update on the project’s status,” he concluded.

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