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Last dance for Holguin? The Greek Cypriot side is considering its reaction

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    Holgin report recording begins – Blurry landscape in relation to the next movements of the envoy – He will inform the Security Council – Problematization on the Greek Cypriot side – Ways to react and prevent the shipwreck are being considered

    The stage for the final stretch in the effort of Maria Angela Holgin has been created in the last twenty-four hours, as everything shows that the Turkish side is right in relation to the six-month timetable. At the moment no one is able to talk precisely about the next step and everything seems to be up in the air. The landscape will remain cloudy at least for the next few weeks and for as long as the envoy needs to prepare her report.

    With her visit to Athens, Holgin completed her longest Cyprus tour, which included a series of stops – keys to the issue he was asked to consider. That is, if there is suitable common ground for the resumption of talks. That is why he listened carefully and recorded the positions of all those directly and indirectly involved, from Washington to Moscow, from Nicosia to Ankara and from Brussels to Berlin and Paris.

    In the Greek capital, the envoy met yesterday morning with George Gerapetritis, who conveyed the position that the effort must continue uninterrupted until there are tangible developments. According to a statement by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens “works systematically in all international forums, looking forward to the initiation of a dialogue between the parties with the aim of a fair and sustainable solution to the Cyprus on the basis of the Bizonal, Bicommunal Federation and in the context of of the decisions and resolutions of the United Nations Security Council”.

    In the near future, Holgin will retire to draw up the text of the report together with her collaborators which he will deliver to the Secretary General of the UN.The only next step announced by the international organization is the information that the personal envoy will give to the members of the Security Council. The relevant statement was made by the UN Deputy Spokesman, Ferhan Haq, without being specific.

    The schedule of the May Security Council meetings has not yet included a meeting on the Cyprus issue. The next scheduled discussion will take place around the end of July, as part of the established six-monthly review of political developments in Cyprus and the actions of the Peacekeeping Force.

    Problematization and restructuring

    The latest developments cause numbness on the Greek Cypriot side, which is entering a phase of reconstruction and consideration of the next options. Government sources are unable to answer the question “what do we have to wait for now?”. They recommend patience until concrete decisions are made by the UN. What they state with certainty is that the Greek Cypriot side will not surrender their weapons. It will continue the effort with the aim of resuming the talks to seek a federal solution, as described in the Security Council resolutions.

    As for the Turkish Cypriot side, it focuses on its efforts to recognition of the pseudo-state. He considers as a milestone the next informal Summit of the Organization of Turkic States that will take place in July in Susa, Azerbaijan, and in which Tatar was invited to attend as a supposed “head of state”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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