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Last opportunity for cooperation between AKEL and DIKO

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The opposition is now fighting a battle against the background of clarifying all the parameters related to the possibility of cooperation in the presidential elections. The prospects for cooperation now based on everything that is happening in the last days in the background are infinitesimal. The whole scenario causes dissatisfaction mainly in AKEL which does not want to waste any more time in any consultations with DIKO, as all indications lead to the conclusion that there does not seem to be a common cruising line. Par & # 8217; All this, we are talking about party processes, since neither of the two political formations would like not to exhaust all the margins and any possibilities for cooperation. Even if the estimates say that the prospect of cooperation is in the snorkel.

Without a single line

In AKEL, as it seems, from the information that is leaked, there is not yet, at least in the Politburo, a single cruising line regarding the form of cooperation. This, obviously, will depend on the person who will be nominated by the party in a final choice. According to all information, there is a “peculiar” division in the Politburo. Certainly not in the classic sense of the word. However, different positions are recorded with their arguments regarding the consultations with DIKO mainly, as “P” is informed, with the attitude of at least three provincial secretaries in the party, of Christos Christofidis , governor of Nicosia, < strong> by George Georgiou , head of the Limassol district and Andreas Fakontis , Paphos district secretary. The three AKEL executives believe that the party should go beyond, as they note, and find a way to communicate with DIKO, with whatever that entails. Of course, it should be noted that there are other members of the Politburo who are at the forefront of an unprecedented debate, although there is a steady trend that the whole scenario leads, unexpectedly, to the support of a non-partisan candidate. Some moves in recent days by members of the AKEL secretariat are increasingly creating the possibility that the independent candidate Achilleas Dimitriadis is the person who seems to be favored by the majority of the senior leadership of AKEL.

< strong> Insist on the last

Despite the leaked information about the concerns in AKEL, it is implied that until the last one the leadership of the party will try to exhaust all the margins of cooperation with DIKO. As “P” is informed, in DIKO as well, mainly Nikolas Papadopoulos, he identifies with the attitude of AKEL. In other words, he believes that every possibility should be exhausted in order for there to be cooperation. To this end, as “P” understands, he agreed with Stefanos Stefanou to keep the door of consultations open for a few more days. Hold the window in search of the golden ratio. This effort, however, presupposes that all the names that have passed through the conclusions of the consultations leave the framework of the last consultation. That is, to look for another person who is in line with the desires for cooperation. This “new order of things” should be formed in the next few days. Otherwise, the end of the consultations and the failure of the cooperation of the Center-Left will be formalized.

They are pushing for Christodoulidis

The last attempt of coexistence of the two parties is made at the same time with the public reports of DIKO executives, with which they begin to photograph the possibility of entering into a dialogue in support of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulidis. This was hinted to Alpha yesterday by the general secretary of DIKO Athos Antoniadis, who clarified that “the decision of the political conference does not prohibit the discussion with Mr. Christodoulidis. We are currently focused on the effort with the opposition. “If this effort is not successful, then the institutions will determine the next steps.” In fact, the secretary general of DIKO predicted that the discussions with the opposition have an expiration date, since they can not last more than a few more days.

The statements of the general secretary of DIKO are not addressed only to AKEL, which in DIKO is under unprecedented pressure. It also focuses on DIKO, and especially on the party president, who also faces major dilemmas regarding the discussions and manipulations he will have to make very soon. Nikolas Papadopoulos, according to all indications, still has some hopes that their associates at AKEL will finally attempt the big leap for a party overrun for a third person now – a savior – and for the president of DIKO himself. >

Source: politis.com.cy

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