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Latest issues on the ballots

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Latest issues on the ballots

Last pending and final touches for the completion of the ballots of the parties in view of the parliamentary elections. DISY formally closes the pending case in Larnaca province tomorrow with the ratification of the ballot paper after Saturday's internal party elections, while Solidarity proceeded yesterday with the announcement of three more candidacies.

With the completion of the process of the provincial election assembly for the selection of the candidates for the Democratic Alarm of Larnaca, both seats that remained vacant on the ballot were locked. According to the announcement of DISY, the final results were as follows:

They voted 1,771 and received:

Prodromos Alampritis 1.245 Makis Georgiou 950 Giannakis Filippou 302

Based on the result, the Politburo of the party will meet in a teleconference tomorrow for the ratification of the ballot paper of the Larnaca constituency which will consist of:

Alampriti Prodromo Georgiou Maki Dimitriou Annita Kosma Anna Poet Panteli Ttauxi Andrea

Solidarity proceeded with three other announcements of candidates yesterday. These are two candidacies in the province of Nicosia and one in the province of Paphos.

The candidacy of Dr. Savva Kokkinou was announced in the province of Nicosia, who, according to the Movement, is one of the founding members of AHEPA Cyprus, in the Board of Directors of which he participated until 2018 and was the leader of the “Matsi” team. For a number of years, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Prevention and Treatment of Domestic Violence. Serves the National Guard as a volunteer officer of the National Guard.

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The candidacy of Marios Poulikkas was announced in the province of Nicosia. As mentioned, Marios Poulikkas is a biologist and his social activities include humanitarian missions with Doctors of the World.

The candidacy of Christos Papagiannis, who is a businessman, former SY.OP., was announced in the province of Paphos.

Last week, the Democratic Party announced the eleven candidates for the province of Famagusta. These are:

1. Giakoumi Michalis, Political Scientist, Municipal Councilor of Larnaca

2. Themistokleous Andreas, Professional of Sports Administration

3. Ioannou Lakis, Business Consultant (Aristindin)

4. Kyriakou Theodora, Journalist, Philologist

5. Marti Stelio, Nursing Officer

6. Minidis Antonios, Founder and CEO of Companies

7. Papadimitriou Maria, Private Employee

8. Poizi George, Financial Advisor

9. Tragola Marco, former Director of the Cyprus Fire Service

10. Tsoukka Maria, Doctor of Management of Health Units and Services.

11. Hatzigianni George, Famagusta Municipal Councilor, Member of the Board Tsokkos Hotels & Dome »

Hunters / Independents

The processes in the combination of the United Hunters Party of Cyprus (K.E.K.K) with the Independents are also at an advanced stage. According to his announcements so far, the candidacies are as follows:

Nicosia: Anna Theologou, Member of Parliament, Marios Panagi, Director of Small and Medium Enterprise, Antonis Stavrou, Compliance Officer, Pantelis Moseos, Business Consultant, Haris Hatzipavlou, Activist – Artist, Gioula Pitsivas and Iktrisia, Akilis Ioannou, Writer / Activist / Communication Consultant, Nikos Kezaridis, Financial Advisor, Christos- Michalis Ioannidis, Businessman, Marios Filippou, Civil Engineer-Environmental Engineer. Limassol: Aristos Chr. Aristeidou, Businessman / Vice President of KEKK, Haris Konstantinou, Lawyer, Panos Kyprianou, Economist, Paris Onisiforou, Sports Writer, Fani Papavassiliou, Trade Unionist / Communicator, Marios Roussos, Business Consultant / Advertiser, Businessman, Advertiser, Panagiotou, Academic of Sports Science, Kyriaki Papasofokli, Director of Small and Medium Enterprise, Natali Savva, Larnaca Journalist: Panikos Pilalis, Actor / Catering Owner, Theodosis Iordanikos, Lawyer, Insurance Consultant, Vassilis Famagusta: Nikolas Prodromou, Businessman / President of KEKK, Isabella Anastasi Kailidou, Consultant of International Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Adamos Vrachimis, Business Manager, Sergis Sergos, Yilkos Kyrgos, Dimosios Ypalis Advertising company owner, Paf : Konstantinos Lemonaris, Businessman Kyrenia: Konstantinos Hadjipetrou, Production Manager / Lighting Technician.

Source: www.philenews.com

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