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Leaked CIA report: North Korea is preparing to unleash a deadly virus on the planet

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Evidence of Pyongyang's action is shocking

A CIA report on North Korea is of great concern, as there is evidence that it is creating deadly viruses and bacteria as part of the biological warfare program!

The US claims that Kim Jong Un has added to his already vast arsenal of weaponized viruses and bacteria capable of transmitting deadly diseases such as smallpox and cholera.

Several experts from the US State Department, who monitoring North Korea's and other countries' progress on weapons regulations, have warned that these biological weapons could prove more dangerous than nuclear ones.

The US State Department report states: “The United States assesses that the DPRK [People's Republic of Korea] has a dedicated, national-level offensive BW [biological weapons] program. The DPRK has the capability to produce biological agents for military purposes and the technical capability to produce bacteria, viruses and toxins that could be used as BW agents. The DPRK also has the ability to manufacture genetically engineered biological products. Pyongyang is likely capable of equipping BW agents with unconventional systems, such as atomizers and poison injection devices, that have been developed by the DPRK for chemical weapons delivery and could be used to covertly deliver BW substances.”

The report concluded that Kim Jong Un has an “offensive BW program” that violates his global obligations.

US intelligence also determined that North Korea had biological weapons in her arsenal since the 1960s – if not before.

In 2020, biological weapons expert Andrew Weber expressed fears that Kim could use the global Covid-19 crisis to build biological weapons.

The Weber has also warned in the past that North Korea is more likely to use biological weapons than nuclear.

The biggest concern is that North Korea has the industrial facilities to mass-produce these weapons and proceed to spreading them with missiles, drones, airplanes and sprayers.

source: newsbomb.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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