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Lefteris Zafeiropoulos: The winner of MasterChef revealed the serious health problem he has

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    “If I don't do the surgery, at some point the worst will happen”

    On the show “Breakfast@star” on the morning of Friday, June 14, Lefteris Zafeiropoulos, who appeared with the prize of the best chef who emerged from the cooking reality show.

    The big winner of MasterChefrevealed how he will use the prize he won, while also revealing the health problem he has and has to undergo surgery.

    Initially he said: “Definitely the first thing I will do is give an amount to my own. So many years they have made so many sacrifices for us, to raise me and my brother, so I will give them a sum to go on vacation wherever they want in the world.

    < p>In response to Eleni Hatzidou's question about the surgery she has to do, Lefteris Zafeiropoulos replied: “I have to do this too, good that you reminded me of it. I have left it for three years. There's something wrong with my kidney. If I let it, at some point the worst will happen. The operation that I have to do required quite a large amount to be done. At that time I could not afford it, I had too much work and neglected it. But now I will.”

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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