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“Let our enemies be afraid” says Erdogan – All the details about the Turkish “F16”

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    «Να φοβοyνται &omicron ;ι εχθροΙ μας» λΕει ο Ερντογαν – Oλε ς οι λεπτομερειες για το τουρκι &kappa the "F16"

    They are in a hurry to celebrate in Turkey for the first fighter of the fifth generation – There is still a way to go until it joins the force of the Air Force – Information, details and technical features

    2017.We are only a few days after the first voices to exclude Turkey from the F35 program because of the agreement it made with the Russian Federation for the acquisition of S400. In reaction, as usual, the Turkish President orders his country's defense industry to rush and create the Turkish “F35”.

    Almost seven years later, the first Turkish fighter of the fifth generation KAAN carried out its maiden flight yesterday over Ankara.Of course, this is an aircraft with characteristics that are closer to the F16 than to the F35. The first official take-off took place from the military airfield Murten. The flight lasted 13 minutes and pilot Barbaros Demirbas sat in the pilot's seat. The fighter developed a speed of 230 knots at an altitude of 8000 feet.

    According to the schedule, the fighter will join the force of the Turkish Air Force in 2028. For its construction, Ankara collaborated with the British BAE Systems.

    Turkey boasts that it is now one of five countries to have produced such fifth-generation stealth and low-visibility fighters. He claims that this is one of the most important projects of technological development, which they associate with the 100 years of the modern Turkish state. Russia. “Similar, but inferior to the Turkish” they consider to be fighters built by Japan and South Korea.

    The “invisible” fighter

    The KAAN is characterized in Turkey as the “invisible” fighter, due to its characteristics.It has low radar visibility and high maneuverability. It also has a modern opto-electronic tracking system, combat damage detection, next-generation mission systems, precision strike and an internal weapons bay.

    With a length of 21 meters, the fighter can develop a speed of up to mach 1.8 thanks to its two domestically-built engines, which can produce 29,000 pounds of thrust each.

    “To be feared”

    The first flight of KAAN was welcomed by the Turkish President in his speech in Ankara. Speaking of a day of pride for the Turkish nation. “What did they say? We couldn't do it. Despite the skeptics, with poor self-authorization, KAAN ascended to the heavens today,” Erdogan said bluntly.

    He added that Allah must bless those who contributed to this effort, which makes Turkey's friends trust it and enemies fear it. He promised that more good news will soon emerge from Turkey's defense industry.

    Are the Russians looking good?

    According to Turkish media, the Russian consul in Istanbul has already expressed his support for his country's cooperation with Turkey for the development of the fighter. Andrei Buravov said that Moscow is interested in developing military and technical cooperation for the KAAN. He also spoke on behalf of the Russian companies active in the sector.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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