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Let us teach our children to eat fruits and vegetables!

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Let us teach our children to eat fruits and vegetables!

It's a good time now, when you have time with the kids at home, to help them get proper nutrition. They are at a very sensitive age, and what they are learning now, they easily absorb and will keep as a way of life even in adulthood. Today we will talk a little about your children's relationship with fruits and vegetables.

Acceptance of vegetables and fruits by children sometimes comes into conflict with parents. So if this is the case with your child, it is an issue that should concern you when he or she is still young, as growing up will be more difficult for him to accept. Fruits as well as vegetables have invaluable nutritional value, and this is something you should make at all costs to teach your children, helping them to get used to their flavors from an early age.

Parents are the mirror of children! So they should see you as their role model and you should eat fruits and vegetables often. It is important not to push them, and not to reward or punish them using foods, such as sweets, as this way they will simply start to hate fruits and vegetables! Give them time, it is completely understandable!

Try to combine all the main meals with vegetables! For example, at breakfast, if they are going to eat toast, you can create an emoticon with cucumber and tomato on the bread! Also try to accompany lunch and dinner with salad, and shape the food in the dish in a way that is beautiful in presence, including colorful seasonal vegetables. The colors are more attractive in the eyes of children, and thus will attract their interest.

Add fruits and vegetables to your recipes! For example, in rice, you can put various frozen vegetables, or make pizza in tortillas by adding mushrooms, tomatoes and corn. As for the fruit in recipes you can make a homemade cake low in sugar with pear, or oatmeal cookies with banana!

Set a specific time of day, such as fruit time. Doing this for a long time will help the child get used to it and so on, he will ask for the fruit on his own. You can make sticks with different seasonal fruits and different colors. It is again something that will catch the eye of the child.

Give time to children and do not give up! With patience and perseverance, I am sure you will succeed!

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