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Let's find a way for the project to proceed and for the workers to be secured, says Annita about the port of Larnaca (pics)

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    Let's find a way for the project to proceed and for these workers to be secured, says Annita about the port of Larnaca – He visited the former employees of the KITION company

    The project concerning the port and marina Larnakawe want it to proceed< /strong>” but to find solutions for the workers as well, declared the President of DISY, Annita Dimitriou, after a meeting she had with the workers, noting that the Transport Committee of the Parliament is meeting on the matter.

    • Protest of Kition employees outside the Port of Larnaca (pics)

    In her statements, Mrs. Dimitriou, who visited the former employees of the KITION Ocean company in the morning Holdings Ltd noted that these are 87 families of workers at the port. “Where are these people going to get paid at the end of the month? What is the legal status?' They received, he said, a letter but answers need to be given.

    Mrs. Dimitriou invited the Ministry of Labor to meet with the workers and reassure them, also referring to the Minister's statement that these people will not lose their jobs.

    “Of course they are worried”. We must see, he continued, the issue globally and find solutions, “this is our job”. Larnaca and the people of Larnaca, he said, invested in this project “and it saddens us beyond imagination that we are at this point. We will make every effort and monitor every development. Answers must also be providedwe have to find the way and the project to move forward, and these people to be secured, who naturally feel this insecurity at the moment and they have not been given any information”, he said.

    Asked about cuts in workers' salaries in the last 3 days, Mrs. Dimitriou said that she had no information about it but that a “meeting from both sides should be held and answers should be given”. Annita Dimitriou said that she visited the port to show her support, to listen to the arguments and positions of the workers and to see how they can convey the demands of the workers to find solutions so that there is no escalation, because nobody he wants this.

    When asked if he found the port to be underperforming, he replied that in the short time he was there he did not find anything like that, but he was informed about the operating rates of the port recently, speaking of “30% growth and profits”.

    The visit of the President of DISY took place shortly after 9 am. The former employees of the Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd had taken down the company flags from the entrance and placed a flag of the Ports Authority while on the central sign of Kition they placed a banner that says Port of Larnaca with the logo of the Ports Authority . Workers also held placards reading “87 families on the street Why? Shame and disgrace. A terrible injustice for the employees of Kition and for Larnaca”.

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    The President of DISY first spoke to the workers at the entrance of the port. Among other things, she mentioned that after her own permission as Speaker of the Parliament, the Transport Committee is meeting on the issue of the port and of the Larnaca marina.

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