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Let's live to remember them!

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Let's live to remember them!

Xavi Roca's initial goal, with his re-appointment as technical director at AEK, was to “get rid” of all four players acquired last January at the suggestion of Sofronis Augustis, in order to fill vacancies in the roster and brings his “own” players, whom he considers suitable to help AEK. The start was made with Joel Moll and Kevin Lafrence, while efforts are being made to release Niels Sutterden and Fredrik Haugen, whose offer is considered insignificant.

It is a fact that AEK was not helped at all by the January transfers, except for the goalkeeper Mol, who played in 16 games as a key player. It was judged, however, that he is not the goalkeeper… of the excesses, hence Roca did not want to renew the cooperation with him. As for the offer of the rest, there is no reason to do so. Definitely Lafrans was the most failed transfer of AEK in recent years (only five appearances, two as a starter).

At the moment, the technical director of Larnaca seeks the team to get rid of the contracts of Sutreden and Haugen, which expire in the summer of 2023, but are not calculated by the technical leadership for the next football season. The Belgian left back half and the Norwegian midfielder have already been informed that they are not counted for the time being. The issue, of course, is to find the golden section with them so that they form a formal past. And surely the two players will demand a respectable amount as compensation to “break” their contracts.

The optimism is expressed that by the beginning of the preparation of the yellow-greens, the golden formula with the two players will have been found. The scenario of Sutterden and Haugen remaining on the roster and next year seems, at the moment at least, remote. After all, Angel Garcia and Nicolas Egglezou have already been acquired for the position on the left wing, where Sutterden is playing, while for the key position of the central midfielder, where Haugen is playing, the information wants Roca looking for a player from… above shelf, which will be able to make a difference. At the end of the season, Sutterden had 8 appearances (four as a starter), while Haugen had 9 appearances, all as a change. You do not call these statistics a satisfactory offer.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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