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Letter from Annita Dimitriou to the Ministry of Health for Makareio Hospital: Immediately requests recruitment and First Aid Department

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Letter from Annita Dimitriou to the Ministry of Health for Makareio Hospital: Immediately requests recruitment and First Aid Department

The serious problems faced by the Makareio hospital were raised by the Speaker of the Parliament, Mrs. Annita Dimitriou, to the Minister of Health, Mr. Michalis Hadjipandelas. In a letter, she first called on the minister to take care of the implementation of the announcement that still remains on paper for the establishment of a First Aid Department at Makareio Hospital. The relevant decision was taken by the Council of Ministers in October 2019. Ms. Dimitriou recorded the problems faced by the hospital after an on-site visit, where she had the opportunity to tour the hospital premises and talk to medical and paramedical staff, as well as and with patients. “I am personally committed to bringing to your attention the main issues and / or problems that this institution is facing, with the certainty that you will be directly involved in them, with the common goal of their progressive solution as you will agree with me that the support of public hospitals and “Hospitals where children are treated, among other things, are given high priority, just as befits a modern European welfare state,” said Ms. Dimitriou in the introduction to the letter to the Minister of Health. Recording in the continuation of her letter the problems in Makareio Hospital that need immediate solution:

  • The need to evaluate the existing building installations in order to upgrade and / or expand them if this is allowed by the current urban framework and / or other factors related to the statics of the building. “I have been specifically informed about the extension that is being launched in the parking lot of the hospital and in this regard the whole implementation framework must be examined and completed as soon as possible,” said Ms. Dimitriou in her letter.
  • The need to take action to immediately fill vacancies as well as positions that are expected to be vacated due to the departure of retired or pre-service medical officers on the basis of the possibility provided by the Public Service Law. The aim is to avoid as much as possible the effects on the level of services provided to patients by the lengthy filling procedures that follow.
  • Immediate coverage of additional needs in medical and nursing staff as a result of the increased needs due to the pandemic in any appropriate and under acceptable circumstances.

In addition to the above, it is extremely important for the upgrading of the services provided in this hospital, according to the Speaker of Parliament, “the satisfaction of the long-standing demand for the establishment of a First Aid Department. With Mrs. Annita Dimitriou asking the Minister of Health to put this issue under his personal supervision.

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At the end of her letter, the Speaker of Parliament, after referring to the great work carried out at Makareio Hospital and the high level medical services provided in all departments of the hospital, especially the pediatric one, calls on the Minister of Health to keep her informed of any relevant actions and / or planning. At the same time, assuring Mr. Hadjipandelas that the Parliament will be at his disposal for suggestions or regulations that are deemed necessary to be launched in order to facilitate the common goal of providing adequate and quality medical care to all citizens.

Source: politis.com.cy

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