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Letter from Nea Salamina to the KOP – Request a meeting for the fan card

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On the occasion of the mobility around the legislation on the Prevention and Suppression of Violence in Sports Venues which concerns -and- the fan card, Nea Salamina sent a letter to the KOP requesting that a meeting be convened with all the clubs of A & # 8217; Category and some of B & # 8217 ;.

The announcement of Nea Salamina:

The Board of Directors of NEA SALAMINA Famagusta informs that today it sent a letter to the KOP, requesting that the federation convene a meeting with guests of all the A 'Category Associations, including NEA SALAMINA to compete with legislation on the Prevention and Suppression of Violence in Sports Venues.

In recent days there has been intense mobility on this issue and A meeting of the Legal Committee has been appointed, where our Association has also been invited. Through our presentation, we would like to consider, if possible, formulating common positions against the current situation and strengthening our position towards the legislature and the decision-making centers.

Our Association has been positioned many times and clearly expressing its opposition to the legislation and must take initiatives that will lead to the solution of the problem “.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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