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Letymiotis: The highest priority is the development course of the economy

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In a period of continuous and permanent developments, the fact that the Budget is in surplus is judged as a particularly important element, said the Government Spokesperson

Λετυμπιoτησ: Ύψιστ η προτεραιτητα η αναπτυξιακor &pi ;ορελα οικονομλας

As a Government we set as our highest priority the implementation of the governance program of the President of the Republic, his social contract with the people, which will contribute to the modernization of the country but also to the development course of our economy, stated today the Government Spokesman, Konstantinos Letymiotis, referring to the start of the meetings of the Parliamentary Finance Committee for the discussion and study of the 2024 State Budget and the presentation yesterday of the first annual State Budget of the Christodoulidis administration by the Minister of Finance, Makis Keravnos.

Speaking during a briefing for journalists at the Presidential Palace, the Spokesperson said that in a period of continuous and ongoing developments, the fact that the Budget is in surplus is considered a particularly important element, so that it allows us to deal with every development.

“The fiscal stability preserved during these seven months of governance and which is also reflected in the State Budget contributed to the recent significant double upgrade of the Cypriot economy by Moody's to investment grade for the first time after 12 years,” he said.

The maintenance of the growth rate, the restraint of employment in the public sector – there is a reduction in the total number of new permanent positions for the year 2024 to 52 compared to 2023 which were 485 positions – the medium-term reduction of the public debt but and the implementation of important infrastructure projects are fundamental components and priorities of the Budget, he added.

When asked about cut-offs regarding the Equal Burden Distribution Agency, Mr. Letympiotis said that “there had not been any cut-off. What the Minister of Finance himself had mentioned yesterday is that the fund concerning the income from the 0.4% that comes from property sales will be subject to the approval of the Minister of Finance until there is a conclusion to the agreement of the Minister of Finance with the Parity Distribution Body. It's not a cutoff. It is a crossing of the fund but under the condition of the approval of the Minister of Finance”, he said.

Asked to comment on positions made by AKEL on the Budget, on matters of accuracy and government measures, the Spokesperson said that the opinion of every political force is respected. “With all due respect, I must say that when a Government announces a comprehensive package of measures to support society, to deal with the 200 million euro precision that touches energy, housing policy, high interest rates, this cannot be approached in a nihilistic way” .

He also mentioned that it is very important to remember, especially in Cyprus, that decisions, especially in the economy, must always be surrounded by fiscal responsibility “because it is in the context of this fiscal responsibility that we have achieved the last 10 years to get out of the biggest economic crisis that this country has experienced”.

“The short-lived economic policy led us into the memorandum. We remain committed to the triptych that the President of the Republic has repeatedly emphasized, fiscal responsibility, the stable financial sector and above all major reforms,” ​​he pointed out.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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