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Letymiotis: The state machine is ready for the June 9 elections

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Λετυμπιτης:τοικρατικ μηνγιςεοτης ;νiου

We are working feverishly to ensure that during the day of Elections of June 9, all measures have been taken and everything will run smoothly, said today the Government Spokesman Mr. Konstantinos Letymiotis.

In his statements to journalists, after the annual national commemoration of the fallen of the Kontemeno community, in Nicosia, the Representative was asked if the state machine is ready for the June 9 Elections and what is his message to the voters,  he said that “in a week we have a critical election, as every election is critical for our country.

However, it is special because it coincides with the implementation of one of the biggest reforms which have been approved and which will be implemented.

As the Government, and the competent Ministry of the Interior, we are working feverishly to ensure that even during the election day – where we will have double elections with many ballots you realize the degree of complexity – all measures are taken.

We thank the Home Office officials and everyone who has worked overtime to ensure that everything runs smoothly on election day, but also during the implementation of the reform, which aims to improve the everyday lives of citizens, which is a key focus of the program of the President of the Republic.  

Because it is our basic belief that every electoral contest is crucial, especially for a semi-occupied homeland, we call and send a message to all our fellow citizens to come to the polls next Sunday and exercise their democratic right, for which previous generations had sacrificed to obtain.

It is the moment of democracy when each and every one can send their own, their own messages, through the now democratic, in the purest way, exercising the highest democratic right”. 

Source: www.philenews.com

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