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Liagas – Kalyva: “They fought” in the morning air! “No lie… Beast, he's a beast”

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    Λιαγκας – Καλyβα «Στκνν αου Πρι νο«Εμα…νοσ κτο ;&sigmaf?»

    Incredible fight

    An incredible fight between Giorgos Liagas and his partner Aria Kalyvawe watched on the morning of Friday, May 31, on the occasion of the case of Babis Anagnostopoulos and the first lesson he gives to the Panhellenic exams from inside the prisons.

    The two colleagues strongly disagreed whether a convicted murderer has such a right, with the tones raised… dangerously!

    Initially the presenter said: “For me it is provocative, and I am saying this for the first time, that Mr. Babis Anagnostopoulos gives exams.It is not forbidden, the state gives him the right and he does well and takes advantage of it. I think that in these cases, when you want to apologize to society, you are being lazy. You are not coming forward.

    It is challenging when you have taken the life of your wife in such a way, to dream of becoming a sociologist, psychologist or anything else. Ethically for me it is challenging. Normally in these cases you go to a corner and no one in Greece learns anything about you. This is what repentance is.

    For her part, Aria Kalyva expressed her opposite opinion: “What you say is very unfair. By the same logic all those who have committed such heinous crimes should do nothing in their lives, tie a stone around their neck and kill themselves….There is also the concept of imprisonment, everyone has a right. Anagnostopoulos is an animal, yes, but everyone has the right to life.” Finally, George said in a strong tone: “There is no imprisonment in prisons, it is shame to say that. The biggest gangs are controlled and directed by people who are inside prisons! Please! On my show no lies!”.

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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