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Libya: Dead and injured from UAV strikes

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Λιβύη: ΝεκροΙ &kappa ;αι τραυματiες απo πλorγματα με UAVs

At least two people were killed and others injured yesterday Sunday in airstrikes in areas around Zawiya (west) launched by the Libyan government, as part of an operation officially targeting “traffickers” positions, according to media and elected in the city.

"Air strikes with drones targeted facilities at al-Maya port near Zawiya for the second day in a row,", the Libya al Ahrar television network reported last night, broadcasting a video in which can be seen a burning ship in the harbor and a column of thick smoke rising into the sky.

"My nephew Mohammad Bouzriba was injured in the al-Maya raid," said MP Ali Bouzriba, who is elected in Zawiya, 45 kilometers west of the capital Tripoli, via Facebook, referring to two people who lost their lives.

The port is located approximately ten kilometers from Zaouia, where a large oil refinery operates.

Videos capturing the blow – the second in two days– are circulating on social networking sites, as well as photos of the dead and the injured nephew of the MP in a hospital bed.

On Friday, the MP, an opponent of the government in Tripoli, reported that a drone had fallen on his house, without causing any damage. victims.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Defense of the Government of National Unity (GNU) announced that “precise and targeted” airstrikes "against hideouts of fuel, drug and people-trafficking gangs in the western coastline area" of the north African country.

After the announcement of the start of this operation, which has continued without interruption since then, the government in Tripoli has not given any information about its course, its objectives, or the account of the victims.

After the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's regime in 2011, oil-rich Libya plunged into chaos and continues to be undermined by the action of a myriad of paramilitary organizations that tend to switch sides not infrequently.

Two governments have been vying for power in Libya for the past year: the KEE, based in Tripoli (west), led by Abdelhamid Dbayba, recognized by the UN· the other is based in the eastern part of the country, supported by the powerful Marshal Khalifa Haftar and the parliament installed in Tobruk.

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