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Lidl Cyprus creates value for the Cyprus of the future

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The company, faithful to the corporate responsibility program it follows, presents its sixth consecutive Socioeconomic Impact Report, in which its footprint on Cypriot society and economy is recorded.

Focusing on its responsibility and contribution to the Cypriot society and economy and guided by transparency and objectivity, Lidl Cyprus, for yet another year, recorded its direct and indirect contribution to society, the economy< /strong>and employment for the period March 2022 – February 2023, with the preparation of the sixth Socioeconomic Impact Report.

The purpose of this specific study is to determine and evaluate the effects created by the operation of the company in Cyprus, for the economy and society of the country. As a reference point for its accountability and strategy, Lidl Cyprus defines the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The findings in terms of added value, job support and payment of taxes and contributions to the Cypriot state are presented in detail here in the form of indicators.

It is worth mentioning that based on the results of the said study for the period March 2022-February 2023, the company contributed significantly to the Cypriot economy with a total contribution to GDP amounting to €126m, which corresponds to 0.41% of the country's GDP, while at the same time it paid a total of €22m. tax revenue, which resulted from its activity, which corresponds to 0.25% of the total tax revenue of the Cypriot state.

In addition, Lidl Cyprus, as one of the largest employers in Cyprus with 20 stores and 1 of the largest domestic logistics centers, supporting over 2,000 jobs(induced, direct and indirect), which correspond to 0.48%, while from each direct job it supports 1.9 additional jobs in the Cypriot economy of the total employment in Cyprus, supporting a total of over 5,000 people.

Finally, with its main focus on its contribution to people and the environment, the company invested a total of €544,000 in initiatives for Cypriot society and the environment, through sponsorships and product donations to various charities carriers.

Lidl Cyprus, aware of the responsibility it has towards the country in which it operates, aims in every possible way so that its footprint gives value, supporting the Cyprus of the future and staying true to its vision for a better tomorrow for people and the environment .

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